When people think of Thanksgiving, some of the first things that come to people’s mind is family, great food, the fall season, and traditional holiday activities. It’s also safe to assume that almost everyone enjoys Thanksgiving soul food whether you are at a restaurant or wish to cook at home. Whether you are a restaurant owner or a home cook that wants to make the yearly dinner a bit fancy or unique, creating a menu for the diners can set the mood. We have a variety of Thanksgiving Menu Templates in PSD that you can use that are printable, customizable, and convenient for all. Just choose, edit, and print—and voila! A Thanksgiving menu ready in a snap. So get your hands on any template and make your life easier today. 

How to Make a Thanksgiving Menu on PSD

The Wall Street Journal has noted down that during the Thanksgiving season, Americans consume around 1.4 billion pounds, which is around 46 million turkeys eaten each year. Because Thanksgiving is the second most favorite holiday of Americans, according to The Harris Poll, it is safe to assume that taking note of their waistline is a secondary thought during the holiday season. For restaurants, creating seasonal meals is a smart marketing move because it helps keep guests and even staff members stimulated with new items and keeps them interested. This is a huge chance for any restaurant owner to grow new business opportunities.

So if you have a restaurant and creating a menu that is catered to Thanksgiving can be a challenge, let us help you out. Through a few tips and tricks that we have available, you may now easily craft an eye-catching and beautiful Thanksgiving menu that is customized to fit your establishment.

1. Layout the Items Like a Book

For a long time, restauranteurs believed that menus had a special “sweet spot” where readers naturally gravitated to. However, recent studies have found that diners actually like to read the menu like a book. So feature your dishes from top to bottom, left to right. This is the natural way of how most of us read, so we suggest this type of layout.

2. Use Fall Colors and Designs

Designing a menu that is dedicated to the Thanksgiving season is actually quite simple. Fall colors, pumpkins, and turkeys are what come to mind. However, if you want a menu that isn’t cheesy but falls on the more elegant side, it is also easy to design. We suggest you use any of our templates that are compatible with Adobe Photoshop because they are highly easy to customize and is one of the most ideal software to use when creating design files.

3. Section the Menu in Smaller Chunks

People, in general, are lazy readers. When reading instructions, most just skim through the words and try to grasp the most important details or message of the text. So when laying out your menu, we suggest that you section your meals according to food group like appetizers, main courses, vegetables, desserts, etc. The groups can be as few or as many as you want. The important thing is for readers to easily find what they are looking for. Also, try your best to limit the number of dishes you have. Through proper plans, you can avoid confusion with your customers and allow you to master the best dishes possible.

4. Create Other Printable Tools that Match the Menu for Further Advertising

Whether they are flyers, brochures, or invitations, Thanksgiving Day printables can further help spread the word of your seasonal dishes ready at your restaurant. Not only can it help boost sales, but it also gives your customers the opportunity to celebrate this special and classic holiday along with friends, family, and colleagues in a location that they know serves great soul food that is unique to the Thanksgiving season.

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