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How to Create an Admission Ticket using Adobe Photoshop

Admission tickets are your key to grant access to an event or show. This small piece of paper holds a vital role in controlling crowds in concerts, sports events, movies, and other occasions. Did you know that revenues on event ticket sales in the US in 2019 reach 30,579 million US dollars? Imagine how many events are there in a year that needs entry tickets. Although tickets are for one-time usage, you still have to create them carefully. It is better to make your admission tickets functional, at the same time well-designed. Here are simple steps and tips to guide on making your event tickets.

1. Determine the Ticket's Purpose

There are a lot of events and places that require an admission ticket—such as valet parking, circus acts, theaters, raffles, and even buses need one. These tickets represent your event once you open them for sale. For instance, you are doing a sports ticket. It is not useful if you design your show tickets that are not related to the sport—you'll leave your audience confused. That is why you need to learn the type of event you are doing to plan out the perfect entry tickets.

2. Decide a Ticket Design

Believe it or not, tickets are also memorials or souvenirs. Some people keep it as a reminder of how their experience went on that particular event. It is worth it if you make an effort to design your tickets. Bear in mind that event tickets represent your activity, so it is better to create them with designs close to your event theme.

3. Pick a Ticket Template

If you are having a hard time creating your ticket designs from scratch, you can always look for downloadable ticket templates available on our site. These editable ticket templates come in different designs and styles that are fully customizable. You can find different themes that would fit any occasion that needs tickets. You can choose a ticket card and have them on any device you have for editing.

4. Customize Tickets

Just like other event documents, tickets also need to have an organized layout for your audience to understand it. Using editing programs—such as Adobe Photoshop—will make your job easier. These editing programs provide you with tools that allow you to add and adjust your ticket designs without any hassle.

With your ticket templates, you can quickly fill in the information you needed for your ticket. Tickets are like invitation cards—it needs to have accurate information about the event to guide your attendees. It usually contains vital details like the name of the activity, date, time, venue, and the ticket price. Proofread the ticket's information to avoid conflicts and misunderstandings on the day of its usage.

5. Finalize with Security Codes

Organizers also use tickets for tracking purposes. If you have noticed, most event tickets have a small tear stub with a tracking number. It will help event organizers record and control the people who have access to the event area. Some admission tickets have barcodes and official seals for validation and security purposes. You should apply this to your printable ticket cards as well before printing and posting them for sale. This way, your audiences will avoid worse situations like dealing with scalpers and scammers.

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