Formal parties and events need elegant tickets to pair with them. And to help you in selling or sending beautiful tickets, check out our collection of ready-made Elegant Ticket Templates. These templates are printable, creative, and professionally handcrafted your convenience. Printing is also made easy as our files make use of CMYK color space with 300 DPI resolution. These are available in Illustrator, Pages, PSD, Publisher, and Word. Download now!

How to Create an Elegant Ticket

According to the Old Vic, the Greeks were the first people to used tickets for their Greek theater events. And until today, we are still using tickets for the same reason—for admission. On the otherhand, a simple ticket's layout and design are important, just like it's function. So, when you have an elegant or formal event, your ticket should also embody it. Today, we're going to help you create an elegant ticket for your event.

1. Use Elegant Colors

Since you're making event tickets, you should use elegant colors or color schemes for it. The colors you'll use for formal events like gala, wedding, prom, anniversary, retirement party, or masquerade party will convey the event's atmosphere. So, if you want to convey elegance, use elegant colors like beige, royal blue, purple, charcoal grey, and the like.

2. Use Formal Typography

Aside from colors, your typography should also bear grace of your admission ticket. Choose at least three formal typographies for your ticket. You can use formal typographies like Grand Hotel, Julius Sans One, Lora, and the like. These kinds of typographies can carry your event's sophistication.

3. Add the Event Details

Your ticket invitation for the event must contain all the necessary details to guide the person to the event. These details must include the event's name, address, start time, end time, and date. Place these details close to each other for the owner's convenience.

4. Include Additional Information

Aside from the event details, your modern tickets must also include the ticket number, ticket price, and your website. The owner of the ticket will find these details helpful for them.

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