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What Is a Sports Ticket?

A ticket serves as an authorized invitation or entry to a movie, concert, fundraiser, raffle, and, especially, sports. Sports have been popular to the majority of the human race. Every year, different sports events are held throughout the world. According to, most of the popular sports are the following: basketball, soccer, golf, baseball, table tennis, tennis, volleyball, and badminton. A sports event gives us a sense of thrill and excitement that other events can't give. Therefore, a lot of ticket stubs have been created and used just for the love of attending, supporting, and watching a sports event.

How to Make Sports Tickets in InDesign

1. Exciting Colors

When one talks about sports, it is usually feelings of happiness and excitement that comes into mind. What colors represent that kind of feeling so well? Bright and flashy colors. Use bright colors—preferably orange, bright red, yellow, green, sky blue, and white—to help get the mood of the event. Bright colors help your ticket give that sense of enthusiasm to customers when they look at it. However, some sample event tickets do not necessarily need bright or flashy colors. Some prefer to use a dark color as the background and opt to have the fonts be colored with a dimmer version of the bright hues.

2. Sporty Fonts

Aside from choosing the right color scheme, you must be mindful of the font style. Although sports events and sports teams do not necessarily need to be strict with font styles, basketball teams have been known to utilize a taller and leaner kind of typeface that resonates with the basketball player's physical qualifications. Each sports event and sports team may use a kind of font style that gives a symbolic graphic presentation to them. We suggest you research on how certain fonts have become tied with a specific sport and how some font styles are utilized in some sports team's name.

3. Sporty Images

Just as how fonts present a visual graphic symbolism to a certain team or sport, images function the same way but is more direct than font styles. In your sports ticket template, you can opt to delete the default image and place your own. Just make sure that the image you insert as a replacement for the default one is more direct. If you have an upcoming basketball game, the image you must place should be either that of a basketball player, the ball, or the basket. This right here is a direct visual presentation. You are directly giving the customer what the event is about with just a picture. No hints, no clues, and no critical thinking are needed.

4. Sports Events Details

The last step in the creation of the substitution for a commercial flyer or poster is the necessary information that must be seen in the ticket or else the document fails to serve its purpose. Jot in the date, time, venue, seat location, contacts, and other details that you wish will help promote your skills as a sports event organizer.

5. Overall Assessment

After you have created your masterpiece of a ticket that gives you access to a multipurpose stadium, you need to become a temporary judge and assess your creation of whether it passes the usual standards of sports event tickets. Look at other sports event tickets and compare them. This is not a way of discriminating your skills, but merely a process to help you see if your event card is good enough to be up for purchase.

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