How to Craft a Sleek Trainer Job Description in Google Docs

According to the Huffington Post, there can be around a 24% increase in profit margins when companies invest in training programs for their employees. It strengthens employee retention, which can save more assets of the company than replacing new employees due to constant resignations.

From that sense alone, the essentiality of trainer personnel within your company is highly necessary. More so, make sure you can attract the best candidates by making a sleep job description.

Below are the fundamental factors in helping your craft a job description for your Trainer in Google Docs

1. Establish the Exact Job Title

There are different trainers for different job roles in the industry. What are you particularly looking for? Are you hiring for Horse Trainer? EMR Trainer? Field Trainer? CPR Trainer? Or other more? What's your company currently looking for? Do not just state trainer in your job description as this may cause confusion to the applicants. Hence, be specific and exact.

2. Sum up Your Establishment

The job posting is also gaining trust from the applicants. While some may not know what your company is about, it's essential to provide a concise and comprehensive company description as well in your trainer job description. Synopsize the company culture and nature, describe its founding history, share some achievements and milestones, and others. This does not have to be lengthy. Enclosed only at least in one paragraph.

3. Enumerate Its Responsibilities

Basically, elaborate on the importance of the Trainer in your company. Particularize his or her responsibilities. You should also state if he or she will also be working with other personnel within your company. Make a concrete list of it. Still, write down in a simple-to-understand composition. Break complex sentences.

4. List Your Requirements

Don't miss to cite your applicant's requirements. Your trainer applicants must be completely aware of the necessary documents they need to prepare. This is to save both of your time. Bullet-list as well to declare in particularity.

5.Cite Your Means of Contact

End your trainer job description with your company contact lines. This is to cater to the applicants' personal inquiries whenever there's possible. You can also have their documents by having it sent through email. Entail your contact numbers, websites, email addresses, or even social media pages if applicable.

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