Any organization should not deny and restrain opening rooms for growth and improvement of every individual and the teams that consist it. It should be the joy of businessmen to provide training and equipping to his employees because the by-product of this investment is your organizational success. Planning the next training and development program? Get help from our Training and Development Mind Map templates. Prepare them in the file format of your choice and hold training for new hires and your current employees and give not just the best training experience to them, but also the best work insights to them!

What is a Training and Development Mind Map?

A training and development mind map contains the outline of the training. It is the summarized version of the overall structure of the training subject and its related parts. It shows the connection between ideas presented in it and shows the direction of the whole training program.

How to Create a Training and Development Mind Map

1. Name the Training and Development Program

There are many kinds of training and each kind focuses on working out certain skills in preparation for the goal that is ahead. In organizing a training and development program, creating a name and concept for the training is not left behind. In fact, it is the first as it should be the first that should be tackled when calling for training.

2. Enumerate the Courses of the Training and Development Program

A training and development program should have components that will determine the flow of the training. Plan out the training courses appropriate for the program. The titles of these courses will serve as labels and will complete the text contents of your mind map.

3. Keep the Map Simple

Keep your notes about the specifications of each course of the training and development program. Use it later for further guidance. Use fewer words or understandable phrases as much as possible so the program will not look too complicated and overcrowded.

4. Choose a Mind Map Design

Creativity is still applicable even in mind mapping. Choose a mind map design that will be easy for you and its other users to follow. Customize the colors of the shapes used in the map to separate one course of the program from the other.

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