Developing and programming one’s skills and expertise in a certain aspect requires a lot of discipline. For businesses, employee training is the first step that they need to take for the employee to work well. For personal purposes, self-training is done to enhance and achieve something. Either way, training requires consistency. Achieve that consistency by having our premium, high-quality, and beautifully designed Training Calendar Template. This template contains original suggestive heading and content that you can customize and personalize in Apple Pages. Moreover, this file is printable in A4 and US Sizes. Maintain your training session by downloading our template now!

How to Make a Training Calendar in Apple Pages

There are advantages that you can gain in regulating training sessions. Training can reinforce objectives that drive behavioral changes. It can also generate actionable intelligence. But, one thing that making it hard is maintaining and keeping up with the training schedule. But, do not worry about it as you can have a handy calendar. If you want to start making one now, here are some simple tips in making a training calendar.

1. Decide on Your Theme

Are you preparing for a running marathon? Or for an employee enhancement? Asking yourself these questions would give you a direction in deciding the theme of your calendar. Also, to define your theme, you need to identify the flaws and gaps that you need to enhance. Remember to choose single topics to focus on as your theme must encapsulate the goals that you need to achieve.

2. Know your Metrics

Some of your goals might be hard to standardize, so you need to know the metrics of your goal. Start by identifying the timeframe of your training. Will you do it on a monthly or yearly basis? Then, consider the aspect that you would consider as success. With these in hand, you can assess the outcomes that would occur at the end of your training course.

3. Plan for your Recipient

As you wanted to plan your training calendar based on your budget, it would be useless if you would not format it to your recipient. Also, there are various ways that you can consider, as long as you determine your recipient’s needs first. Form your training calendar according to the gaps that your recipient needs to overcome and excel from and to foster his/her personal development.

4. Determine your Budget

Now that you have determined the plan for your recipient, you can now consider your budget. If you have a clear idea as to what you would achieve at the end of the training, it would be easier for you to go on a budget. For example, as you are training for a match, you are required to have your workout at least five times a week or 20 times a month, you would need a bigger budget for the gym registration, diet, and other necessities.

5. Have a Schedule Framework

As you make your calendar, you need to have a schedule framework. Markdown your priority goals and count as to how many days, weeks, months, or years that you need to schedule for you to achieve it. Then, you need to consider some instances wherein you cannot perform your training, so put them into your framework.

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