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What is the Training Desk Calendar?

A training desk calendar is a specially designed calendar for training purposes. It incorporates training settings, modules, and other relevant training elements, helping the user keep on track with his or her particular training setups. As a desk calendar, it is commonly placed by the sides of the user's desk table. Through this, it allows the user to have a closer look at his or her training calendar with the utmost ease than other forms of the calendar like wall calendars and mobile calendars, providing remote, immediate access.

How to Make A Training Desk Calendar?

While there could be a variation of ways to make a training desk calendar, mainly depending on one's individual's unique requirements, everyone will always go through the same standards first. Hence, we provide you our comprehensive and sharp instructional steps in making a training desk calendar. Read below and follow these to create your training desk calendar seamlessly.

1. List What To Schedule

For your efficiency, it is advisable to have a list first of your pertaining training task thoroughly. You can have this prepared in a separate sheet. In regards to this, know distinctly what kind of training arrangement this will be. Will it be for your employee training plan? Science education training? Marketing or social media training? Work out training? Excel spreadsheet and PowerPoint orientation training program? Or other more. With these details prepared beforehand, you can do your designing later on without any stops and hurdles compared to doing such while looking for the pertaining training tasks at the same.

2. Build The Calendar

Next, the most fundamental thing you should do is build your calendar. In doing so, you might find this a tedious issue because of the daily dates to mark, boxes to form, numbers to include, and other more. Also, keep in mind for the particular year-time it will be used. Clearly, 2020 has a different set of dates than the years later. Thus, you can go through the internet and have a reference for your calendar building.

Again, you do not have to go through such a strenuous activity. Grab any of our ready-made templates above to save your time much!

3. Plot Thoroughly

Since you already have the list of your essential training tasks and have a complete layout of your training calendar, you can now thoroughly plot your schedule into it. Jot down your reminders, make notes, highlight dates, depending on your preferences. Apart from the dates that you have to remember, you should also include pertaining things such as pieces of equipment or other sorts that the task requires.

4. Personalize Your Calendar!

Make your calendar uniquely yours! There's nothing wrong with incorporating your personal touch on it. Add your favorite colors, embed your idolized characters, tailor some graphical elements, and other more! Have it creatively done all in all! You may also place your personal or company logo at the top. Just make sure that the training calendar's content itself does not lose its purpose. Make it still easy to browse and useful.

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