Have you ever desired of encouraging your employees to join in a company training program? According to a study conducted by LinkedIn, 94 percent of the workers would remain in a company if there are opportunities for learning. Workers feel that they are valued as the company invested their money and effort to train them. And if you are planning to execute an employee training, you can make use of our flowchart. Our ready-made Training Flowchart Templates helps you carry out all sorts of training programs perfect for your company. It's 100% downloadable, editable, and printable. Available formats are in Word, Publisher, Pages, Docs, and PDF. All you need to do is download the templates and subscribe through our website at Template.net.

How to Create a Mind-Blowing Training Flowchart in Publisher

Training your employees means that you value their worth. You want them to improve their performance and develop their skills. It also means you want them to become goal-oriented for your company to be successful as well. Below are some steps you can use to create a training flowchart to help you improve your training process:

1. Make an Assessment

You can start by evaluating your employees' performance, productivity, and behavior. You can check the scores and even the attendance. You can also conduct a survey with them if you want to. The human resource, team leaders, and the management are responsible for tracking and monitoring their employees to keep the operation running.

2. Meet with the Management

If you have finally gathered the data and information from your assessment, survey, and interview, you need to meet with your management to discuss your concerns and some improvements you could propose to help your employees and making your business successful.

3. Create a Plan

The management should make a plan that can benefit its employees. Planning includes training, date, resources, budget, and number of participants. Workshops, programs, conferences, orientation, and other training programs are some o the examples to boost your employee's self-esteem and performance.

4. Craft Your Layout

After discussing with the management, you can now craft your layout. You can start crafting your layout by opening MS Publisher on your computer. Don't be afraid of using the tools and features of the software so that you will be able to create one sample flowchart. And once you are done, you may save it on your computer and print it.

5. Execute a Training Program

Now, it's time to implement a training program for your employees. You could schedule a staff training or an orientation for the new employees. Now, your employees will feel valued as they participate in your training.

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