How to Make a Travel Flowchart in Google Docs

When it comes to traveling a long distance and an extended period of time away from home, it’s important to prepare accordingly to ensure that the trip goes smoothly. However, lacking any prior experience in doing so can make it seem like a more daunting task at first. To help overcome this problem, having a process flowchart to follow is a great benefit to have, and our Ready-Made Travel Flowchart Templates are just the thing for organizing your upcoming adventure!

Are you lacking in tech know-how and need an editing program for your computer that’s easy to use with our templates? If that’s the case, then Google Docs is the solution that’s right up your alley! Plus, we have a simple guide (featured just below) to help you out.

1. Register for a Google Account

Google offers a number of very useful apps that anyone can easily use and Docs is the perfect fit for anyone wanting a convenient yet efficient option for editing our templates. To get your hands on Docs, visit and register for a free account; once that’s done, you automatically have access to using Docs (along with their other apps).

To use Docs, click on the 3x3 grid in the top right corner and then the icon of a blue document sheet. Docs works on your web browser, so there’s no need to do any installation procedure before you can start working. You can even get the app on both Android and iOS devices, making it a convenient tool to use when you’re out and about!

2. Take Your Pick from Our Template Gallery

We have a diverse array of useful document templates for you to take advantage of! If you’d like to use one of our Ready-Made Travel Flowchart Templates, click the thumbnail of your chosen template (shown on this page) and a new tab will open in your browser. On the new page, use the provided download button and follow the simple steps that show up to download the template file to your computer or device. Additionally, you can find out more about your template by reading through the “Template Details” section (on the right) and zoom in on the set of preview images (on the left).

3. Fire up Google Docs and Start Editing

Have you chosen a desired flowchart template yet? Open up the template file in Docs and edit as you work out your plan. The placeholder content in your template acts as a good reference to use in putting together your own workflow process.

When editing the template, you can simply replace the prewritten text in the bubbles to compose a flowchart that works for you. Make sure to use a style and color for your font that makes it easy to read back later. Utilizing a checklist may also come in handy for your preparations.

4. Use a Printed Copy If Preferred

Our versatile templates are also suitable as printed copies if you’d like to fill out your flowchart by hand. Just remember to use a good pen or pencil for optimal legibility.

Whether you’re going on an international tour or a provincial road trip, Google Docs and our flowchart templates can help you get sorted!

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