Instagram Story is now a popular feature for posting photos and videos that are only viewable for 24 hours. Businesses, especially travel, are taking advantage by promoting their promos through this feature. With our Travel Instagram Story Templates, you can promote your trendy travel promos on Instagram in a flash! The templates include original content and artwork. They're also available in 1080 x 1920 pixels. All templates are customizable, so there's no need to start from scratch. Inspire people to tick their travel bucket lists by downloading our templates now! 

What Is a Travel Instagram Story?

A travel Instagram story is a template that travel companies use to promote discounts and other promos. It usually has a link to the website when the story gets swiped up.

How to Create a Travel Instagram Story

With the high stress levels people always face nowadays, it's no wonder they want a little getaway for a short while. Make the most out of your travel offers with an Instagram Story. If you need tips in creating one, read our list below.

1. Select a Photo

An Instagram Story about travel works really well when you choose the right photo. Your photo can be from the beach, a famous historic site, or a tourist spot. You can actually do it from scratch as well. Use your graphic design skills to depict travel instead of photos if necessary.

2. Write Content

A single photo is not enough. People have to know what your post is about. Make an outline of the content that you plan to write and pick the one that suits your concept. Always write in a simple language. Make sure to include a call to action if you're promoting a travel promo.

3. Add Details

Link your website to your Instagram story. This works best when you're promoting a travel discount or asking people to book your flight. If your content is an invitation to a certain place, add details on how to get there. The additional details always depend on the kind of travel content you have.

4. Put Finishing Touches

Check your document to see if you missed something. Make sure that your Instagram story doesn't lack the important details when you post it later on.

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