Love for fun. Love for leisure. Love for food. Love for collecting memories with family and friends. All done in different places with exquisite sceneries and landscapes, superb food menus, and great places for recreational activities. Isn't it so exciting to travel alone or with companions? Booked your flights and planned your trips already? If not yet, book and plan it with a travel agency. Know how they bring forth all your travel expectations with their excellent organizational management. Journey through our Travel Organizational Chart templates first for your travel guide. View them A4 and US letter sizes and landscape orientation style. Bon voyage!

How to Make a Travel Organizational Chart in Google Docs

In a documented study Expedia Viewfinder in the year 2017, factors affecting Americans’ decision to travel were revealed. Being educated with a place’s culture and history ranked the lowest among the reasons for traveling by Americans while traveling for events placed just before culture and history. Basing their travels around their appetite seconded the topmost factors for traveling and relaxing and their family and friends were on the top of the list. Regardless of age and gender, people seek to just have fun when traveling. Give the fun travelers find on their trips. Give them the best travel service and experience by doing your best in functioning your designation in your travel company. Organize it now by making an organizational chart through the guide steps below.

1. Trace the Organization’s Hierarchy

Designing the organizational structure in a hierarchical form is a way of tracing people with higher and lower positions. Apparently the people with higher positions oversee the people who are lower in positions. Name all of them one by one, from the highest to the lowest. Use their respective designations as their labels. Determine how many functions operate in a certain office or department and the number of people assigned in those functions. You may also secure their headshot photos if you are planning to include everyone’s photos to the company’s organogram.

2. Structure the Organizational Chart

With Google Docs’ drawing tools, organize a chart resembling the organizational hierarchy of the travel agency company. Structure shapes where you can individually settle the positional information of the travel agents, tour operators, and other people who comprise the company. Be mindful of their hierarchical arrangement on the chart. Connect the shapes with lines to show the reporting relationship within the organization. Have a structure-ready organizational chart for your travel agency company with our travel organizational chart templates above. Make use of its suggestive headings and other contents to develop the chart a faster and smarter way.

3. Place the Chart Details

Transfer all the information about all the employees who consist the travel and tourism company on the chart template you generated earlier. Maintain the accuracy of the details, the spellings, and the parallelism of their names and positions. Set their fonts into legible sizes and styles. Then make time to review them before proceeding. All set? Apply configurations to the travel company organizational chart by coloring the shape fills or the document background with your company color. Add your company logo to signify that this in an official chart of the updated roster of employees of the company.

4. Display the Chart

Make use of the organizational chart you just made by preparing it for presentation to the whole travel and tours agency during your organization’s orientation or print it on large printing material and display it on a visible to all area of your office. You may place it at the entrance so your clients can have a guide who they should approach for their travel concerns and inquiries. Make more organizational documents for your travel company with our free and editable templates on our website that will surely take you to your organizational growth.

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