What Are University Ads?

This refers to promotional materials that are used for generating interest in a university and its educational services. This includes both printed and digital media.

How to Make University Ads

As explained by Britannica (a long-running information resource), a university is typically composed of multiple types of advanced learning, from vocational training to doctorate courses. So, whether your own campus offers studies in business, technology, or art, it’s imperative that your promotions showcase adequate information to interested students.

If you need a bit of help with your ad material, then be sure that you read our tips found just below!

1. Advertising Your University through Print

Printed advertising is always a good go-to option for its cost-effectiveness and versatility. There’s a wide range to choose from in terms of affordability and quick preparation--flyers, posters, brochures, and so on. However, there are also printable choices that are much larger with appropriately scaled costs, ranging from roll-up banners to billboards.

2. Advertising Your University through Digital Media and the Web

In this day and age, virtual marketing is now a prominent aspect of modern societies. One common method in this category is advertising through web banner ads, which are found scattered around the Internet on many websites and varying greatly in size. There are also video ads, used primarily on video-sharing networks and as small pop-ups on other types of sites.

3. Spreading Word of Your University with Social Media

Social media networks have become integral to our means of communication. With its convenient and instantaneous nature, these platforms are great for promoting your school quickly and efficiently. However, unlike other methods, maintaining a social media account requires a fair bit of involvement and engagement with interested users. Communication is needed and not just simply uploading a post about your campus; however, when handled right, the payoff becomes well worth the effort!

4. Visual Resources for Your University Ads

There’s a number of creative ways to produce and enhance your university promotions. For example, there’s the use of professional photography, which typically includes images of graduations, school facilities, faculty members, etc. Then there’s graphic design, which helps add a professional flair to your material, ranging in style from simple vector graphics to full-blown illustrations.

Have you read all our tips? Just remember what you’ve learned and you’ll have a better idea of how to promote a university in your intended medium. And, if you need 100% customizable resources, then remember to have a look at our original University Ad Templates!

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