Education is the ticket to our future, and it is indeed among anyone’s most significant achievements. But even the most extensive academic institutions there lie challenges and errors in internal management. That is why there is a need to establish a workflow process to govern specific procedures in the educational system. And getting the right tool is the best consideration to take. But don’t fret. We have a variety of Ready-Made and High-Quality University Flowchart Templates in Google Docs. You can get these files in A3, A4 and US Letter sizes as well. Now, get a quicker way to manage education procedures correctly. Get the students to progress altogether with the university. Get a template today! 

How to Create a University Flowchart in Google Docs

Quality education will always remain to be meaningful and significant as part of anyone’s achievement. Academic institutions primarily act as leaders that would provide enhancement when it comes to learning and opportunities. Through this, it is expected that the demand for students to go to college is increasing. According to the data analysis released by Education Data, there are over 19, 900, 000 college students enrolled in the US in Fall of 2018. With the rise of numbers of enrollees, the education workflow process of colleges and universities may prompt several challenges and errors. From the payroll department and student support for evaluation, minimizing business errors must be well taken care of. And this is where the process chart becomes handy.

To accomplish the tasks appropriately in due time, we help you by providing a list of tips on how to create a University Flowchart in Google Docs.

1. Know What Needs to Be Improved

Knowing what your institution lacks is pre-determining what specific considerations must be made. You can quickly identify what these steps must be once you see what needs improvement. Whether it be in an online exam or compliance audit process, you must first jot down the challenges and problems. Now, determine how you can resolve these internal issues. Eventually, this procedure will help you come up with a list of steps.

2. Map It Out

After determining what’s lacking, you can start visualizing the process. When creating a chart, you have two options to do it; create from scratch or download a pre-made one. Choosing the latter keeps the process smooth. You can pick from our selections of Ready-Made University Flowchart Templates. Decide if you need a vertical or horizontal layout. But we suggest you choose a layout that best suits your needs.

3. Plot the Steps Accordingly

When you have the layout prepared and ready, you can start filling out the boxes or shapes with the appropriate steps. Go back to the recurring problem your university is experiencing. Keep in mind that all must be in its proper order. Next, remember to keep things simple and readable by the staff members. So, make it short and straightforward. Other than that, your document as a whole must be informative. So, avoid unnecessary and too complicated strategies.

4. Keep It Professional-looking

Creating visuals for academic purposes means you need to keep it professional. Designs are not necessary at all. But instead, you’ll have to come up with a simple chart with the appropriate elements. This includes an arrow or line connectors attaching one step to another. Eventually, the goal is to maintain the right directional flow. Other than that, add quality to your document by adding the university logo at the topmost part. Right under it, add the name of the flowchart.

5. Review and Implement a New Process

Once everything is cleared and settled, reviewing the chart is vital. All of these must have the approval of the administration. Recheck if the steps are in proper order. And when done, time to print a sample chart and implement a new workflow. Sooner, you’ll have to evaluate if it works. Make sure to keep a file and update it from time to time.

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