How to Create a University Sign?

A university sign is any sign or signage that informs or directs people in a university about what they must follow. According to E. Scott Geller, a distinguished professor, when you display a sign close to where the action should happen, it's more effective.

People rely on signs to instruct them on what to do in a particular area on your campus. So, create the best sign with the use of the tips below.

1. Choose the Right Colors and Symbols

Most people are familiar with what a sign's color or symbol means. For instance, in a safety sign, yellow means caution, and red means danger. Another example, a circle with a diagonal bar and with red and white contrasting colors means prohibition. People usually understand what the shapes and colors mean on your sign.

All things considered, it's essential to be careful with your chosen shapes and colors to guide any college student.

2. Use Short Phrases

Every construction sign, restaurant sign, or other sign needs to be direct, and this includes your university. No person would spend time to read a complicated sign. Signs must have short phrases and sentences to be effective. Your sign should only contain essential phrase(s) depending on its purpose like "Welcome," "Entrance Only," and others.

3. Make It Readable

For instance, a person stands a few meters away from a graphic sign, so the sign must be visible to him or her. Readable signs communicate better with people. To make your sign readable, use clear typography and font styles. Don't use artistic typography because it can make your sign less legible.

4. Keep It Simple

Simplicity is a great communicator. It can quickly pass your message to someone without trouble. Keep your print or digital signage simple by organizing its content and using two or three contrasting colors. Don't add unnecessary designs or symbols that mean nothing.

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