How to Write a University Statement?

A university statement is a document that demonstrates a student's or the institution's interest or side in a certain matter. It's also one way for universities to be transparent on the whole faculty and student body in the height of an urgent issue.

University statements are helpful to keep the good reputation of a particular institution. It's also one way for applicants to express their intentions in studying in the university. If you need to make one regardless of the type, we have a list of tips below.

1. Know the Type

Statements can come in different forms. It can be personal, cash flow, financial, or mission. Know what kind of statement you need to write before going into the actual writing process. Doing such an action gives you an idea of coming up with the proper content.

2. Get Info

Do as much research as you can after determining the type of statement that you want to write. If it's a financial statement, ask the cash flow from the accounting department. The information you have is your basis for writing the content.

3. Write Content

Now that you've gathered enough information, it's time to spin it into words. Know the proper format in writing your statement. Make sure that you include all the essential information from your outline of notes. Write in short sentences, so the readers can easily understand your document.

4. Double-Check

Always check your document if you missed something. Any statement that you need to release should be spotless. If there's no missing detail, but the logo of your university on top of the document and print it.

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