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What Is a Vacation Brochure?

A vacation brochure is a folded advertising material that travel agencies use to promote tourism as well as their services in assisting clients with their travel needs. Just like any other sample brochure, this one also provides readers with a background of the business as well as statements from past clients.

How to Make a Vacation Brochure

Want to learn how you can promote your travel business through the use of brochures? Simply refer to the guidelines provided below, they'll instruct you in detail the steps on how to make creative travel brochures.

1. Make a list of the services to be offered

The first thing that you should probably do when creating vacation brochures is to list the travel services that you are offering and the countries or places that you're affiliated with. If you're offering cruise deals, then you might want to include the names of the ship, the amenities, and even the route. Include in the list all the details that you think might be informative and relevant for promoting your travel agency plan.

2. Gather photos of different vacation places

Vacation brochures draw more attention from prospects if the photos on it can captivate them. With photos featuring a beautiful island beach or a luxurious cruise ship, prospects would be more compelled to treat themselves to some leisure time and avail of the deals. So gather as many images as you can, but only get images of places that are part of your deals or packages.

3. Choose a type of brochure

A brochure can either be bi-fold or tri-fold depending on your preference as well as the extent of your content. There are many other creative brochure types besides the two that we've just mentioned, and it is essential that you choose a specific type to use for your vacation brochure. The bi-fold and tri-fold types are probably your safest choices especially if you prefer to go simple.

4. Start creating your vacation brochure

When it's time to finally start designing your vacation brochure, choose an editing tool that you're comfortable with and use it. Oftentimes, people use graphics editing tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign to work on the design while also using document processors such as Microsoft Word (.doc), Apple Pages, or Google Docs for the content. Go with whichever works for you as long as it enables you to freely do what you want for your vacation brochures.

5. Evaluate your vacation brochure

Do an overall check on the design that you've just created and see if it needs to be worked on further. In terms of content, proofread everything and check for both grammatical and spelling errors. In addition to that, it may be best that you ask assistance from another person to evaluate and proofread your work with you.

6. Print and distribute your vacation brochures

After proofreading and evaluating your work, save it in a fully printable format and choose whether to print it yourself or to have it printed someplace else. The safest file format that you can go with is PDF since it is compatible with various systems, you can also go with either EPS or JPEG. Once you're done printing your vacation brochures, you can finally start sending them out.

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