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How to Write a Vacation Letter In Google Docs

There will come a time that your body will need to relax and rest. And that means leave from work. The reason is usually because of sickness, an important event (wedding, birthday or funeral), or vacation travel. But did you know that the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) does not require payment for the days of your leave? So employers are not all paid for these days. In fact, only 73% of workers have paid vacation days. However, even if you will leave because of work or personal matters, a process must be followed in filing for leave. And that process includes making a leave letter. If you are new in the workplace and don't have an idea to write one, our site is giving you some helpful tips that will guide you. Here's how:

1. Follow the Format

A leave letter, like any other professional letter, follows a specific format. Since it is a formal document, the writer should include the essential elements in the letter; this consists of the writer's information, the addressee, the greeting or salutation, the body, and the closing remarks. A good formatting style also considers proper spacing, margin, correct font style, and size. 

2. Express the Reason for Leave

Before you start explaining the reason for your leave, it is better to express your request first. This statement will let your recipient know what you are asking. It should be visible in the first paragraph of your message. After this, you should explain your request because it is their right as the employer to know your whereabouts. Don't tell a story in explaining. Remember to be exact and straightforward in expressing your reason so that your manager will not be confused. 

3. Maintain a Polite Tone

Since you are writing to your head or your boss, you should always observe politeness. In the case of writing a letter, it can be showed through the tone of your message. You can use the words humbly, may I, please, and other words that express humility and sincerity to your boss. If you have a good tone in your letter, there is a higher chance that your manager will approve your request.  

4. Specify Dates and Days

You will not resign or will be out forever. Won't you? Then provide dates of your leave. Specify the date when you are going to start your vacation and when you will be back at work. Indicate also the total days of your leave. Refer to your company's policy on the number of days given for leave. Providing the dates will notify your boss and, if possible, can make adjustments on your workload. 

5. Provide a Contact

In the final paragraph of your letter, you state how the company or your manager can reach you. You may give your cellphone number or your e-mail address. It will help your employer contact you in case of an emergency or ask important questions while on your leave. Conclude your message by thanking and saying that you're hoping for approval of the request.