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What Is a Vacation Rental Brochure?

A vacation rental brochure is an advertisement to get more clients to rent a rental property. Usually the main clients are the tourists who take vacations. Mostly, a vacation rental is a place where the clients are lavished with different hotel-like services, can delight on furnished apartments and houses, and rejoice in pampering services some luxury businesses offer. Another thing, whatever property you have, may it be a beach house, an apartment rental, a room rental, or a real estate, brochures can help you advertise your property.

How to Make a Vacation Rental Brochure

A survey says that 69% of tourists find information about vacations from brochures at a display stand, according to VRMA. Your brochure will act as a preview of your rental property. If you are planning to advertise your vacation rental business through a leaflet, you can follow these simple steps:

1. Brochure Design

Welcome and capture your potential customers through your design. Make sure that you win their attention. Set your designs to something that people will look on and be attracted to. You can try a modern design to make it timely. Also, decide on what colors you want to incorporate on your design. Although you have a lot of ideas for your brochure design, it is important to keep your brochure simple. No one would want to read and see a cluttered brochure.

2. Your Clients

Think about your clients. Make sure that you know them so that you can easily make a brochure only for them. In this way, it will be easier for you to capture their attention and then there will be a huge possibility that they will book your rental property.

3. Services Offered

This is an important section of your brochure. Make sure that you list down the services your rental vacation business offers. Remember, do not write a huge paragraph that speaks about all the services you offer. You can write a brief sentence or description about the services and accommodations your customers will get. You can include vacation packages you have for them. Also, with writing about these things, you need to make it persuasive and fascinating so that they can't say no. Remember, offer your customers what they desire. A survey says that 95% of visitors had their travel agency plans influenced by brochure information according to VRMA.

4. Images

Attractive images will surely engage your audience. Ensure that you get the most beautiful pictures of your vacation rental so that people will get excited. A website says that some tourists are concerned about the described information a vacation rental brochure has, which is exactly the opposite of its description. Make sure that you don't lie to your clients or else you will end up closing your business. Another thing, whatever you have written in the description and the pictures you put, make sure that these are true and not just some flowery things to get more clients.

5. Call to Action

As your marketing strategy, you need to provide any call to action to encourage your customers to try your vacation rental business. Don't forget this section, make sure that your call to action will surely captivate your audience.

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