Valentine's Day is the time of giving and receiving love. This day isn't for couples only. It is also celebrated with our beloved moms, dads, and definitely ourselves. Candies, gifts, chocolates, and heart-shaped balloons are the best seller during this day. So if you own a business, why not make a voucher for the special day of love? Make one now with the use of our specialized 100% fully customizable templates that you can avail of on our site only. You can download it in any available file formats such as Microsoft Word (.docx), Adobe Photoshop (.psd), and Apple Pages (.pages). Spread some love on the air and grab a template right away!

What is Valentine's Day Voucher?

A Valentine's Day Voucher is a small piece of paper that offers a discount for the customer who has it. It can be used to buy goods, meals, services, or apparel for less price according to the condition indicated in the voucher. Vouchers are not for discounts only. It can also be a free product when a specific item or product is purchased. This type of coupon is specialized for the special event of the year when Cupid decides to shoot an arrow to the destined couples—Valentine's Day. Aside from flyers, it is also one of the effective ways to help to promote the business.

How to Make a Valentine's Day Voucher

Aside from birthdays, Valentine's day is also one of the most celebrated days of the year. During this day, people usually go to stores to buy some sweets and adorable gifts to their loved ones. According to CNN, $19.6 billion is the projected spending during Valentine's Day in the United States last 2018, as estimated by the National Retail Federation. If you want to proceed to promote your business, discount vouchers will surely do the help. Give them sweet treats with the use of a great offer indicated in the voucher.

Here we provide you below a step-by-step guide and helpful tips for you to be guided on how to make a valentine's day voucher.

1. Think of a Sweet Offer

To make your valentine's day voucher, first, you should think of ideas that you can grant during Valentine's day. Think of the offers that can make sure to take your customers' attention to buy at your business. Vouchers usually are discounts on buying things, especially food. You can also think of offering a free product if the selected items are purchased.

2. Choose a Romanticly Designed Template

If you are having a hard time making a valentine's day voucher from scratch, then a beautifully designed template should do the help. Visit our site to see the various printable and editable products that you can avail of in any available file formats and at reasonable prices. You can choose among the valentine's day themed templates on our site.

3. Add Some He-Art

After selecting a blank voucher template, edit the information and add some creative designs like heart-shaped arts, romantic candlelight, heart-shaped balloon clipart, or a silhouette of a couple. Change the background color according to the tone and shade of red you want, and that also fits your needs. This way, it can attract more customers to visit your business.

4. Distribute the Bouquet of Vouchers to the Lovely Couples

Lastly, make sure to check if there are errors while making the designs and content. Otherwise, it will cause some trouble while the promo still runs. Promote your business and distribute the personalized vouchers to the couples or singles walking across you with the greetings "Happy Valentine's Day" or opt to offer a greeting card and a free hug with your cute Valentine's Day-themed costume.

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