Can you feel the breeze of love in the air? Indeed, Valentine's day is fast approaching! The perfect time to prepare for the celebration of the most romantic day all across the world. Spread the love and affection for your costumers and loved ones by giving gifts! Don't have any ideas yet? Need not to worry, for we offer varieties of Valentine's Day Voucher Templates in Photoshop. Also 100% customizable and printable in 8.5x4 inches plus Bleed, anytime and anywhere. Create one now and be part of making Valentine's day special!

How to Make a Valentine's Day Voucher in Photoshop

February 14th, known as Valentine's day, is the second-largest component of the gross domestic product next to Christmas. At this time, most Americans will be busy looking for gifts that reflect their love towards their loved ones. In fact, on research conducted by the National Retail Foundation, a consumer would roughly spend an average of $162 per person for a gift.

However, there are still value-conscious shoppers, so as for business people, it is an opportunity to boost their consumer's confidence and earnings. One of the best ways is to use business vouchers, for who wouldn't grab the chance to spend if you have a discount on services and products? Hence, it can not only retain loyal costumers, but it can also attract more. So, if you are planning to create a unique voucher's for your business, here's how:

1. Consider Using an Editing Software

Editing Softwares are highly recommended for its convenience when making discount vouchers. Hence, the first thing to do is to choose which editing software is compatible with your mac or windows. Software like Photoshop helps in saving time during your voucher's creation because of its enhanced editing options.

2. Deal with the Design

The first thing a customer or receiver would notice is the visual design of your sample voucher, so it must be eye-catching. And since you are creating Valentine's day vouchers, so the designs should incorporate with the occasion. Take it as a suggestion to have a simple but reflects the essence of Valentine's day for the designs to attract costumers to avail.

3. Set the Voucher's Value

Think about an organized, irresistible Valentine's day offer-selling for costumers on why they should avail of your business. To begin with, you need to be clear on what special deal do your voucher consist—freebies or discounts. Second is the type of service it offers—dinner in a restaurant, massage freebies, or beauty product discounts—depends on your business. Next, input contact information so that the concern of the costumers regarding the voucher will be answered. Also, they can send feedback and rate the voucher's service. The most important part is to determine the limitation of time and percentage or amount on the simple voucher's use.

4. Include Traceable Code

Due to the technology's evolution, some people are no longer dependent on bringing cash. Somehow there exist traceable codes for fast transactions since you can quickly scan the code when making purchases. Besides, Voucher's code monitors the no. of people who avail of the promotion and the prevention of fraud of repetitive use.

5.Plan for the Distribution

Before anything else, decide on how many copies you would be handing out. You can opt to distribute Valentine's day voucher either through E-vouchers, or Walk-in mails. E-vouchers are very useful for your customers who want to purchase online. However, if your business is not available online, then you can choose to print your printable vouchers on a sturdy paper and mail.

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