How to Create Vintage Invitations in Apple Pages

Are you making plans for a fancy event? Doing all the necessary preparations for a party can take a lot out of you, but it’s imperative not to cut too many corners; even when it comes to the invitations. Now, that part might not seem as crucial to focus on as other things to sort out, but you need to remember that invitations act like introductions to your party and should encourage your invitees to attend. It’s especially crucial for your card design to live up to the importance of bigtime events. The practice of sending party invitations has been around since AD100 (stated by, yet its significance stays relevant to this day.

That’s why we’ve composed a healthy selection of Ready-Made Vintage Invitation Templates for you to customize however you need. These templates are designed to match certain styles, suitable for things like a grand ball or a retro-themed get-together. You can easily awe your guests with the approachable customization of our templates, with Apple Pages providing a user-friendly editing platform on your Mac desktop.

Plus, we’ve laid out a set of comprehensive tips (below) to help you get started.

1. Choose from One of Our Many Gorgeous Designs

You’ll see that there’s a sizable offering of invitation templates waiting for you; we have designs that range from beautifully rustic backgrounds to lovely floral artwork, all of which give an elegant vibe of times long since passed. So, take your time and carefully pick out which a template that suits your event. After all, a Christmas motif doesn’t exactly scream “afternoon tea party.”

2. Dress up Your New Template

After selecting an invitation design to match your theme or idea, it’s time to get to work in Apple Pages. As mentioned previously, our templates are created with easy editing in mind, so allow your creativity to flow out and influence your design.

To impress your to-be guests, it takes more than just an attractive card; witty and imaginative writing can go a long way. Try racking your brain for some interesting dialog to include in the invitation’s contents. Don’t forget that a thesaurus or dictionary comes in handy here; online counterparts of these are available for convenience.

3. Aim for True Beauty

When you’ve completed the invitation’s first draft, it’s a good idea to step away for a short while and allow your head to clear up. Return with a fresh eye and scrutinize your initial edit; do revisions and corrections if need be. After you’re through, the design is ready to print out and pair with envelopes that are equally beautiful.

4. Accentuate Your Party’s Overall Glamour

With your invitations ready for delivery, you can now focus on other aspects of your preparations.

Numbers can be difficult to deal with, at times. So, put together a budget plan to keep track of party expenses.

Do you have special segments in store for the gathering? Make sure it all goes smoothly with an event itinerary.

Be it a 50s dinner party or a traditional wedding, our printable vintage templates can definitely add a refined touch!

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