As we mention the term "vintage," what usually crossed into our minds is something that is developed during the previous time around the 80s to 90s. Many vintage designs are no longer adopted nowadays because they are already known to be obsolete, but this doesn't imply that they can be considered non-existent. However, there are still some vintage trends that remain today as they make a great comeback, just like our beautifully designed Vintage Ticket Templates in Adobe Illustrator (AI). With these 100% customizable ticket templates, you can bring back the beauty of retro designs for any type of tickets that you're going to have. Be it for wedding tickets, amusement park tickets, raffle tickets, or even for the party tickets, these easily editable templates will reward you with high-quality designs that you can use. Download now!

How to Create a Vintage Ticket in Adobe Illustrator

As mentioned from BBC News, vintage is described as portraying the high-quality items of the old days, such as designer clothes or classic cars. Still, for most of us, it has become a grab-all expression for something that looks old fashioned though the object itself is new. Vintage styles have always been influential even back in the days. As the decade grows or the period in time has evolved its characteristics and concepts which makes it completely different now, vintage designs are widely used in the field of graphic design, and shows no signs of ending just like vintage tickets.

In this article, we have compiled some essential tips that will significantly help you in establishing a decent vintage ticket for your particular use.

1. Start with Compiling Some Quality Images

As you start with your blank tickets, try searching for some images or illustrations that will likely fit your primary purpose. Such images or illustrations may be in either 3D or 2D type. Ensure that it matches according to its ticket size.

2. Establish an Appealing Header

Now, it is time for you to make your header attractive to the eyes of your target audiences. Using appealing fonts styles into your sample tickets will surely attract everyone. Also, know how to keep your header captions short so that it will blend into your ticket size.

3. Use the Convenient Editing Tools

Setting up some creative styles for your tickets is very important. It must be aesthetically pleasing and appropriately crafted. As you customize your layout design, you can use the enticing colors and images. Assure that the texts are readable, too. You can modify your editable tickets using by using Adobe Illustrator.

4. Consider the Ticket Size

The conventional ticket size together with its ticket stub is 5.63′′ x 1.97". Although, event tickets can measure around 1.97′′ x 5.63′′ with the stubs. However, the size of a stubless ticket is 5.5′′ x 2.125′′. Depending on your ticket's purpose, you can select whatever scale you need.

5. Print and Sell It Out

For the last phase, check for some grammar and spelling errors before printing your elegant ticket. You must also check to see if all the details it presents are already accurate. Have your ticket printed at your nearest printing service. Then, you can start distributing your tickets right away.

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