How to Make a Volunteer Certificate in Apple Pages

Michigan State University's (MSU) Recognition Handbook describes how recognition grants an individual an opportunity to assess his deeds and how it boosts his self-esteem in the process. Acknowledging one's effort indeed builds confidence and would prompt an individual to repeat what he has been regarded for. This is true for volunteers as well. Recognizing their efforts with a certificate, award, or a token is more than enough to compensate for their contributions and would encourage them to stick to the program and continue their involvement.

1. Gather the Right Information

Any awarding material should be embossed with the right information. It will ruin the entire occasion when the award is presented to a different person or if the recipient's name is misspelled as if it belongs to someone else. You owe it to your recipients to reward them with an appreciation certificate that has all the details right. Gather all the candidate's names and confirm the list with someone in-charge. You can also ask the awardees themselves to write their names for you. Create a preliminary draft and assess whether you have all the details (e.g., event title, date, company name, location, etc.) correctly.

2. Be Minimal

Do not overwhelm your achievement certificate with too much context. Let your layout breathe. Allow ample space in between each line and highlight the main parts (certificate title and the recipient's name) with a larger font and a different typeface style. Make do with various font styles but limit your options to three types only. The key is to make your content legible, even from a distance. Perfect for viewing when it's placed on a wall as a display. The spaces will not only contribute to your output's visibility but also its aesthetic appeal.

3. Design According to the Occasion

Consider the occasion and the type of program where you're presenting the certificate. If your recipients are kid volunteers in a child-centered activity, your layout should fit the same concept. You can use bright colors and fonts that appeal to the young audience. If you're presenting the certificate in a conference awarding medical professional, social services personnel, or charity donors for their gracious participation, it is only right that you employ a formal, classic, and custom certificate outline.

4. Utilize a Template

Unburden yourself and ease up the whole process by using a certificate template. You'll never have to worry whether or not you have used the right font and graphic elements. All you need to do is to look up a readymade format that complements your event's theme and replace the necessary details with your own. You'll be guaranteed with a professionally made layout without the heavy lifting. Consider making your options among our vast template collection. We have everything from marketing tools to business documents in various categories for every purpose.

5. Print on a Premium Paper Quality

Your award certificate's paper stock quality can make or break your entire output. A mediocre and unreliable material can give the notion that your certificate is not special, even with an impeccable layout. Keep in mind that this documentation is not only for display but it's also a form credential. Using a heavy paper stock can bring out the best of your design and also prolong its durability. They can be kept for decades in a dusty treasure box and still come out as good as new.

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