How to Create a Blank Voucher in Apple Pages

A voucher is a document that entitles a holder to promos, freebies, and discounts. Vouchers or coupons are indeed excellent ways to increase your reach to a specific demographic and to encourage them to take advantage of your services. Vouchers contribute to brand awareness, revenue generation, and additional promotional opportunities. Make your blank voucher by following the steps you can find below.

1. Choose Apple Pages as Your Design Program

To create your blank voucher, you will need a good design program. Your design program should be easy and easy to navigate. If you are an Apple Mac user, then surely Apple Pages is not new to you. Apple Pages is not a graphic design software, yet you can still create graphic designs using it.

2. Decide whether to Download a Template or Not

You do not need to create a voucher from scratch. You can go to the internet and look for sample voucher templates online. Templates online can be downloaded for free or purchased. Contemplate whether you need a template or not. Weigh in the pros and cons between the two and decide. Voucher templates online are ready-made, and all you need to do is make minor adjustments to get inline with your purpose.

3. Think of the Voucher's Value

Come up with an excellent offer for your blank voucher. An irresistible value or offer will drive customers to your store and boost your sales. Decide if it is going to act like a payment, cash voucher, gift card, or a coupon book. Decide carefully because the value of the voucher is not right; it may impact your company revenue or disappoint your clients.

4. Incorporate Branding Element

Incorporating a branding element on your blank voucher can help promote your business. A branding element includes the company logo, typography, and colors. The branding element is needed because this will help customers identify your brand from other brands. Place it in strategic locations so that your customers can catch a glimpse of it.

5. Conceptualize the Voucher's Design

Lastly, you will need to conceptualize how your blank voucher should look like. Think of the color palette, typography, and the images you want to include. Be creative and think out of the box. If you are making a spa voucher, then you can use colors that are associated with relaxation and tranquility. If you plan to attach an image on your voucher, then you need to attach relevant photos.

For example, you are creating a meal voucher or canteen voucher; you can attach photos of scrumptious foods and drinks to make it irresistible. You need to consider your voucher design since it can play a critical role in creating a useful blank voucher.

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