How to Make Cash Voucher Templates in Adobe Photoshop

A cash voucher is a gift certificate distributed or given by a business organization when their employees ask for loans, a withdrawal, or to use an amount from their petty cash funds. Sometimes, this type of document are mistakenly called a receipt because of its designs and layout. In this article, we will teach you the essentials needed to make a valid cash voucher. Not to mention, we also have our templates above that you can download, or you may use it as a reference. Check out the steps below.

1. Select a Format

The very first step in making a voucher — selecting a format. It means that you have to choose whether which format do you prefer to use; whether it's the landscape or the portrait format. You have the freedom to choose whatever format you may follow. Just make sure that it has enough space so that all of the necessary will fit in your voucher.

2. Incorporate the Designs

There are several types of vouchers, and you can quickly determine one through their designs. That is why if you are designing for business or formal reasons such as — accounting, credit note, debit note, or others, make sure that your designs are minimal only. Why? That's because you're designing a valuable document and that means that design doesn't count. But if you are creating a Christmas voucher, a food voucher, or a travel voucher, then that would be the best time to insert engaging designs so that you can attract the attention of your target customers.

3. Pick a Top-Notch Template

Downloading a ready-made template is a lot easier plus it will help you save more time compared when you design from a blank canvass. Here in Template.Net, we give you only the best of the best voucher templates that you can download for free. As soon as you downloaded a template, edit it immediately with the help of Adobe Photoshop. We recommend you use Adobe Photoshop for it has tools that can help you generate the voucher you have in mind.

4. Insert the Details

Now that you already have the designs and the template you need, it is now time for you to state the details in order for your voucher to be successful. Don't forget to state the bank's company logo, voucher number, the date, the total amount, recipient's complete name, and signature.

5. Save the Template, and Print

Make it a habit that whatever type of document you are making, you have to double-check it first before printing them out. Ask yourself too if you are contented with the design, the layout, and other elements. Because if you are not, you can still adjust it and make changes if necessary. Once you are done, go to the nearest printing shop in your state and print your voucher templates in high-quality paper stock. If you have an additional budget, print out as many copies as you can for it is always better to have more than to have less.

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