Not every student is fortunate enough to get an education on their family’s own financial merit. In fact, there are those who only do so with the aid of school or educational vouchers. Should you need to get your own editable educational voucher template, then know that we’ve got just what you need. Exclusively found right here at Pro, our products are guaranteed to leave you awed at the high quality it presents. Each one is easily customizable and printable, available in a multitude of file formats like MS Word, Adobe Photoshop, and more. Act quickly and get our subscription plan today so you can download an educational voucher template of your very own!

What is an Educational Voucher?

Generally, this is a voucher variant given to students regardless of whether they are from a public school or a private school. Its intention is to serve as a certificate of government funding meant to be for a particular semester, term, or year. However, let it be known that there are certain countries, states, or local jurisdictions that use educational vouchers not to cover for a student’s school fee but to reimburse the expenses incurred by home schooling efforts. A 2017 review of school voucher-related economics literature, there is insufficient evidence to warrant the widespread use of educational vouchers and it is better used to support low-income families or children from poorly performing schools. However, educational vouchers can also be used in a similar manner to other vouchers: to be presented in exchange for admission into certain classes.

How to Create Educational Vouchers In Illustrator

Illustrator is just one of many programs that you can utilize if you want to create your own educational vouchers. With that said, below are the steps that you will need to take to get through your project without any hassle and to finish at a much faster pace. It is easy to follow even if you do not have any experience working with Illustrator, so without any further delay, divert your attention towards the very first step detailed below:

1. Set Up Your Document

To set up your document, you need to click on ‘File’ and then ‘New’ before proceeding to name your project. Set your voucher’s dimensions to 9x5.5 cm then select CMYK color mode from the advanced tab.

2. Create Both Bleed and Safety Margins

With your document now set up properly, the next step involves the creation of safety margins as well as adding bleed areas. High quality printing results require at least 0.3cm of both bleed and safety margins. Bleed makes sure that your product doesn’t come with a white border at its edge and safety will ensure that none of your important content is cut.

3. Embed The Images

Now that you’ve come up with a satisfying design, the time to embed photo elements has finally arrived. Embedding your photos is important since it will ensure that the chosen images are always viewable and print-ready, regardless of where your file will be opened. All you need to do is select the image, click the Embed button, and create a clipping mask if there is a need to clean up your working area.

4. Create The Outlined Font

For your outlined font, you must keep the shift button on the keyboard pressed. Then proceed to select all of the text before clicking ‘Type > Create Outline.’

5. Save Your Created Document

At long last, when you are finally ready to wrap things up, click on ‘File’ and choose ‘Save As.’ There are a few other options to consider from here, such as the Adobe PDF Preset, Marks & Bleeds, and a few others. Once that’s over and done with, you may proceed to print your created educational voucher.

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