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What is an Education Voucher?

A simple and direct definition of education vouchers is a certificate of funding meant for a student from either low-income families or those from poorly performing schools. It can be from the government, but there are also those given by private businesses. Such school vouchers can even extend beyond those who are from a public school or a private school. Education vouchers can also be used for classes like swimming, cooking, and various others. The educational value makes this among the most well sought out variations and can be good for an entire year, semester, or term.

How to Create an Education Voucher in Pages

For the most part, people are often content to simply download a high quality and ready-made education voucher template for their needs. However, there will be those who may consider creating their own vouchers from scratch. If you happen to be one of those people, then you are in luck. Written and expounded upon below are the step-by-step procedures that need to be taken when you create a voucher using Mac Pages. Through these general instructions, you can be guaranteed that your overall experience will be not only easy, but also much faster than you may have expected, and with far less hassle to boot.

1. Open Pages and Start Off With a Clean Slate

This is the very first step you need to take if you want to create your modern voucher, so get a blank page by selecting the ‘Blank’ option from the dialogue box. If there is no dialogue box from what you can see, then all you need to do is choose ‘File: New’ to make a blank template.

2. Set The Page Details Up

Next up would be to set the basic structure of the blank template, which is going to include the specific sizes, margins, and various other settings. To accomplish this, choose ‘File: Page Setup’ and then proceed to select the appropriate options.

3. Add All The Needed Texts and Graphics

Now comes the part where you add all of your necessary details to fill in the education voucher. Both texts and images or graphics are going to be needed, but they should all be relatively easy to implement. Images, for example, can be added through opening Pages’ Media Browser and selecting iPhoto from the pull-down menu.

4. Define All Your Placeholders

If you want to enable drag-and-drop customization for your voucher, then the placeholders need to be properly defined. Do so by choosing ‘Format: Advanced: Enable Placeholder Text Authoring.’ Afterward, highlight the text and then choose ‘Format: Advanced: Define As Placeholder.’ Do this for all of the texts that you can to consider more than just standard page elements.

5. Finalize The Voucher

Add whatever finishing touches you still need and then review everything that you’ve worked on so far. Once you have decided that it is complete, you now have the choice of either printing it out or sending it to others via email.

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