How to Create a Food Voucher in Microsoft Publisher?

People are drawn to discounts and sales. The urgency to buy a product at a discounted range makes everyone want to purchase the goods. It’s on the thoughts of saving money that encourages people to purchase goods when there are discounts and sales. In business, there are ways to promote this special event, and one of them is using vouchers. A voucher is a small, ticket-size document that has a particular amount of discount for specified products. Besides having accounting numbers to track the inflow and outflow of money, a voucher is only valid for a specific timeframe. And that’s why people are urged to use them before they’re no longer valuable.

1. Highlight the Offer or Discount

In creating your food voucher in Microsoft Publisher, you have to place the attention of the audience on the discount prices or sales of the food products. To do that, you need to make your fonts bold and distinct. You can also add creative designs like shapes to emphasize the numbers. For sushi food gift or burger discount, make sure the fonts are readable and distinguishable from other contents in the voucher.

2. Specify the Mechanics

People are not too fond of reading the contents of the voucher. Sometimes, they'll skip everything and remember only the discount price. However, it's essential to make people understand the information on your voucher. So, you need to highlight the mechanics of the voucher discount (or gift) using clear, easy-to-spot fonts. You can also include arrow icons to direct the attention of viewers. Be careful in editing your sample voucher for a drink coupon because, in a way, it is an endorsing material for your store.

3. Place Mouth-watering Graphic Design

Attract your viewers by using appealing photos on the food voucher. When selling specific foods, you have to feature those products and not the other goods in your business. Don’t confuse your clients. Also, you can include cute graphic designs to make the food voucher more eye-catching to the audience. For ice cream, fresh food, drink coupons, and pizza gift cards, use images that are bright and enticing to the viewers.

4. Add Company Logo and Slogan

Showcase your authenticity by placing your logo and slogan on the business voucher. However, you still have the option of choosing either one of the two choices. But most restaurants place their logo on the food voucher. The icon doesn’t have to be too big, instead, just enough to cover a little bit of space on the coupon. If you want to have the slogan on the food voucher, you can add it to the upper part of the card. Avoid clutter and make sure people can read everything written on the voucher.

5. Distribute the Vouchers

As a promotional tool for your business—whether restaurants, cafe shops, burger joints—you need to distribute the material. Plan out your distribution strategies with your team before sending out the food vouchers. Print an ample amount but not too much. And importantly, give out the food vouchers a week before the discount dates to amplify its reach to the target audience. If you think it needs more time, and you can distribute the food voucher two weeks before the event.

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