How to Create a Gift Voucher in Adobe InDesign?

A report from the National Retail Federation Gift Card Spending Survey showed that receivers who spend more than 38% of the voucher's face value account for around 65% of certificate owners. This report clearly states how the existence of gift cards can expand sales. It is not merely about the business owners giving these discounts, but it is all about gaining costumers. When establishments gave out gift vouchers, they are pushing these recipients, to at least visit the store, spa, or restaurant that is offering their services for free. That is why there is a particular pull within it.

That is why it is no wonder that back in 2015, gift vouchers even ranked the first position for the most favorable present during the holiday. Among several options listed in a survey, the reason preferred by most respondents is enabling receivers to buy their own desired gifts was more than 50%. The second reason among the choices is that by offering gift cards, it is time-saving and easy to purchase for the giver, which is around 25% of the respondents claiming.

1. Pick the Perfect Size

Your first step in making your gift or cash voucher template is to pick the perfect size for your business. Do you want to have a standard 3 3/8" x 2 1/8" x 0.30 mil? Alternatively, would you like to use other preferred sizes like 3" x 7" and 3.5" x 8.5?" You have many choices. Although these sizes have become somewhat usual and sort of culturally approved, but your creativity can still do its part.

2. Have a Theme

After you have determined the specific size and the paper you wanted to use, you can start your design by deciding your theme. There is a lot of available ideas in the market. You can either have a Christmas, Halloween, or even a romantic love voucher template. The sky is the limit.

3. Download a Template

After deciding your theme, you can now download a template that you can use to make your voucher-designing simple. has a vast collection of voucher templates that you can choose from, from the holiday templates to some of our graphic models. Use any of our high-quality templates today. Some beautifully designed and professionally written designs are downloadable for free.

4. Design the Card

When you have your model, you can start customizing it. You can either add some brown leaves for a Thanksgiving day voucher or add some snowy background for a Christmas one. Whatever that you see fit, you can do it.

5. Add Catchy Typography

After creating the beautiful design, you can start writing on it by adding catchy typography. You can even attach your gift voucher to rack cards and flyers that you use in advertising your business establishment. Make sure that you are using a unique catchphrase and not something from another business as you might end up advertising for them for free.

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