Provide an unforgettable experience to your clients in your hotel by giving them hotel vouchers. Leave a good impression to your customers by giving selected guests beautifully designed vouchers they can use for specified hotel services. The templates come with beautiful and amazing images, graphics, and designs that are easily editable in Adobe Illustrator. The templates also have a well-written suggestive content that you can either use as-is or modify to fit your business needs. Download one of our templates that is convenient, versatile, and user-friendly get one now!

How to Make Hotel Vouchers in Illustrator

There's nothing more appealing than offering people promotions and discounts they'd enjoy totally. Based on the statistics, approximately 92% of shoppers use a coupon or voucher for purchases. Who wouldn't like a good deal, right? Offer guests a hotel voucher that they cannot say no to.

If you are now enticed to have one for your hotel, then you'll appreciate the basic steps on creating a hotel voucher. You'll get to produce a hotel voucher quickly and easily.

1. Launch A Good Design Application

First things first, when you're going to create print materials, you would need help from a user-friendly application. An application that will give you the opportunity to do your stuff conveniently. It has to have all the right tools you can use for making vouchers. That ideal design application is none other than, Adobe Illustrator. An application that enables you to do layouts and design your hotel voucher.

2. Come Up With A Good Offer

The offer is the highlight of every voucher. The offer is what makes people use your vouchers or gift card. Ponder on a good offer that will boost hotel sales and customer engagement. There are so many methods you can place discounts with your client base. It is essential to find out which are the most efficient methods to drive sales and increase redemption prices. You can offer a discount for their hotel room accommodation, breakfast, dinner, spa service, hotel reservation, or hotel booking. Clearly state the offer the voucher-holder can avail in exchange for the gift certificate.

3. Utilize A Template

Our website is here to offer you hotel voucher templates that you can download anywhere, anytime. We created blank voucher templates for you since we know that it can take up too much time creating a voucher for a specific offer. Make use of our well-designed vouchers that will lead only to beneficial results for your hotel business. Be it a Travel Agent Hotel Template, Hotel Confirmation Voucher Template, or Hotel Complimentary Template— these templates have original, suggestive content and royalty-free images. Customization is made a breeze when you use one of our sample voucher templates.

4. Write The Voucher Terms And Conditions

Do not forget to write the terms and conditions of your blank voucher. The voucher-holder will have a better understanding of your offer. Use simple language when writing this section to prevent misconceptions from the holder. Write how the person can avail of your offer, the expiration date, and if the voucher is refundable or not. Most of the time, the terms and conditions section is usually placed on the back of the voucher.

5. Produce Your Voucher

The last step for voucher-making is to print it out. Always finalize the design and criticize for necessary changes for a better design. Print your voucher in the right paper stock. You do not want a low-quality end product now, would you? You might receive negative feedback and destroy your hotel's image. If you use a high-quality paper stock, there is an assurance that you'll get the best sample voucher.

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