It's a known fact in marketing promotions that giving a discount on specific products and services that you offer will actually earn you more revenue. Using a voucher for that purpose allows you to provide physical proof that customers can avail of your promos. In that sense, offers you a vast array of high-quality Printable Voucher Templates that are all 100% customizable in Adobe Illustrator. The best thing about these templates is that all of them are beautifully designed with high-quality images, creative background designs, various color schemes, suggestive headings, and so much more. Whether it's salon treatment vouchers, basketball store vouchers, romantic restaurant vouchers, blank vouchers, or even Christmas gift certificates, we have them for you! Get to create a voucher that embodies your brand by downloading these free templates now!

How To Make Printable Vouchers in Illustrator

Creating printable vouchers is just like creating any ordinary voucher, but their difference is that printable vouchers are pre-designed already for personal and commercial printing. A printable voucher also has the same features as that of an ordinary voucher; it has a branding image, monetary discount, and a header that specifies what the voucher is all about. These are often utilized by people who want to avoid the complicated process of creating and designing vouchers from scratch. Learn how you can successfully make them in Adobe Illustrator with the help of some guide tips that we have provided below.

1. Plan Your Design

For your voucher to get noticed, you have to conceptualize an attracting and appealing design for it. Nowadays, people buy with their eyes, so your voucher design should immediately catch their attention. Plan a design that is related to the type of voucher you are making. For example, if you're developing a voucher for store promotion purposes, then your voucher should be designed according to what your business is all about.

2. Set An Expiration Date

One of the best ways to make your gift voucher attractive and exciting is to provide it with an expiration date. Not only would it make your offer more stirring, but it would also help you protect your budget. Studies have proven that consumers find promotions more appealing if they are offered within a short period.

3. Be Clear & Concise

When it comes to vouchers, less would always be more. The less complicated its details are, the higher the chances of it being availed. Don't discourage your potential customers from buying the voucher by fitting in too much information. Try to be clear and concise with your details, especially when you're creating printable Christmas vouchers. Make your voucher more presentable and understandable by observing coherence in both its content and design.

4. Include Call-To-Action Details

One of the essential elements of a voucher that should be made visible to the eyes are the CTA's (call-to-action). These details can help you encourage your potential customers to buy your voucher because what it states are the different contact details that a buyer can look up to if ever they wish to take the next step. You may look for some examples of soft-selling calls to action online or formulate a unique one that is not worn out and overused.

5. Design It With Trackable Codes

If you want to track the lifecycle of your money or beauty vouchers, then designing it with a trackable code is the best thing to do. To achieve this, you'll probably have to dig deeper within your pockets because you'll be needing the guidance of an expert on this one. By doing this, you will be able to track the number of vouchers that were used as well as those who unspent.

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