How to Make a Promotion Voucher in Adobe Photoshop

A promotion voucher, also known as a promo code or coupon code, is a type of computer-generated material used for several transactions without spending a coin from your pocket. The voucher is composed of numbers and letters that can be used to entice customer’s loyalty and to spark fascination from the public for the benefit of your business. Oftentimes, these vouchers are given or sold as gift cards/gift certificates to obtain discounts from your favorite restaurants or to spend less if you plan to go shopping.

Making a voucher is simple and minimalist in style. You just have to be clear and concise with the information that you have to put in and highlight those details that you want people to offer and benefit from. Don’t worry, we have provided you easy steps to help you make one.

1. Identify What Type of Voucher to Make

The voucher comes in many forms to accommodate its different usage, so you have to pick the right voucher for the right occasion. Is it a birthday party, a wedding event, or a Christmas season? Questions like that are very important because they will guide you to have an appropriate theme, layout, and content as you go through the process of making the voucher. So first, ask yourself, what is this for?

2. Design Matters

In making a voucher, your design should be head-turner and eye-catcher. There are a lot of file formats that you can use to make or edit your own choice, like Adobe Photoshop. Starting from scratch can be overwhelming, but you can always go online and download your personalized voucher type templates. When editing, use colors that are captivating and appealing, and fonts that are readable and clear. However, don’t put too much aesthetics to avoid quashing your content. Keep it simple but beautiful.

3. Provide the Right Details to Use for the Voucher

This is where you fill it in with the important and correct details. It is a crucial part because you have to be specific with the information, and it should be suitable for the occasion. If it is a Christmas gift voucher, then you have to provide the details that are fitting for the event, not the other way around.

4. Be Straightforward

Another thing to remember is to keep the content of your voucher relevant, readable, and direct. If you are going to make discount vouchers, be sure to rightly say your discount offer and how much discount are they going to get. People are usually into reading details where they can greatly benefit from. Remember, be direct.

5. Proofread and Check

Before you print and market your vouchers, you have to check first everything including the important details. There is no better way than to have it examined by yourself or by someone else to ensure correctness and accuracy. Besides, you are working this to get the loyalty of your customers, so reread and check your work before printing or uploading it.

6. Sell and Market Your Vouchers in Your Website

Statistics show that 75% of customers print coupons from the Internet before they go to that store, and 83% of consumers find print sources before coming to the mall. In most cases, gift vouchers can also be a great way to generate income for the business that you are running. If you’re planning to develop and make your business grow, just follow these simple steps, then you’re good to go.

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