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How to Make a Romantic Love Voucher in Photoshop?

A voucher or coupon has no direct cash value, however, it allows the proprietor to have a direct discount on certain products or services. Romantic love vouchers are excellent romantic gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Valentine's Day, or for no reason at all. Voucher marketing is a great marketing strategy to sell your products or services since most people are interested in discounts or promo offers. Khalid Saleh published an article that shows that 70% of US Internet users claim that discounts have a big effect on purchase decisions during holidays. If your products are love paraphernalia or if the services you offered can deepen the connection between people, then romantic love vouchers will be useful to you. Here are some guidelines that you can use in making a romantic voucher.

1. Consider Photoshop as the Editing Program

Before you head start with designing your sample voucher, you have to choose the right software program first where you can put everything into pieces. You have a wide array of choices, however, I suggest that you use Adobe Photoshop. The aforementioned editing program is quick and time-saving, plus it is compatible with Mac or Windows. Furthermore, it has advanced editing options that can enhance the quality and the color of the designs that you utilized in your romantic love voucher.

2. Deal with the Content and Design

Indicate in your content the products or the type of service you are going to offer with a discount—romantic dinner, massage, nice and quiet night in a hotel, etc. If you own a hotel and your target market are married couples or lovers, then you can offer discounts that are appropriate to their status. Make sure that the font that you will use in emphasizing the discounted service will stand out among other details located in your voucher. Moreover, do not forget to put the company logo, name, and the equivalent worth of your romantic love voucher. In addition, the image and the design of your voucher should correlate to its entire theme.

3. Put a Traceable Code

Do not forget to put a tracking number to your romantic love voucher—whether you put it at the front or at the back portion of your voucher. Putting a code will help you track the number of people who availed to your promo. Putting a code will prevent any possibility of fraud and will avoid the repetitive use of the voucher.

4. Include Contact Information

Always put your contact information to your vouchers, so your prospective clients will know who to ask if they will have any question regarding the voucher. There is a huge possibility that the transaction between you and your client won't stop, especially if they had a great time during their first experience with your services or they loved the products you offer. At the back portion of your love coupon, indicate your phone or telephone number, business address, and email address, so they can get in touch with you. You can also indicate your business' website, so your clients can give you ratings and reviews.

5. Terms and Conditions

Every voucher should have terms and conditions because it sets the rules that the proprietor must agree in order to use the voucher. You can indicate important details such as where to avail the products or services, the number of times that the romantic love voucher should be used, and its validity subsequent to the date purchased.

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