How to Make a Sports Voucher in Microsoft

A sports voucher is a small piece of paper that holds power to give discounts or percentages off to a particular sports academy for training or sport services. There are many kinds of sports around the world. Some of which are basketball, volleyball, soccer, golf, baseball, badminton, and many more. The use of vouchers helps you participate in these kinds of sports for a few dollars off. So here are some helpful steps in making a sports voucher.

1. Determine the Sport

Before anything else, determine the sport. You have to know if it is for basketball, volleyball, soccer, golf, baseball, badminton, or any other sport. Some academies or training centers offer various sports training. If that's the case, decide which sport/s you want to offer discount coupons for.

2. Plan the Sports Voucher

It's time to have a solid design project plan for the sports voucher. Do thorough research about the in and outs of vouchers. Vouchers may only be a piece of paper, but it also holds an amount of money. Decide how much percentage you want to take off of the average price range. Also, set a number to limit the production of sports vouchers. You have to consider the state of the company, that's why limitations should be placed. You can also decide if there should be sports voucher codes to be presented.

3. Set the Eligibility Standards

It is just reasonable to set standards on who gets to hold the sports voucher. So decide how it works. You can plan a sports event and make the sample voucher the prize for the achievement; you can also give it to those who participated in participation points, or you can give it to stores to give it to people who went shopping for shoes. You can also offer people with sports experience to help them enhance their skills. You can provide standards for the people to refer to for eligibility.

4. Start Layouting

First, start the layout. Open your trusted voucher maker. You can use Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher. The standard size of a regular voucher is 3 in x 8 in. You can refer to samples online.

5. Design the Sports Voucher

To design a sports voucher, you have to show the kind of sports. If it is for basketball, then use basketball-related designs and words. In designing, always make sure that the colors compliment each other for artistic harmony. The next thing to do is to insert the necessary texts. The voucher should contain the company logo with its name, the contact information, and its address. The essential part of the voucher is the specific percentage off. Write the discount offer in a big font to give focus. It is the main point of the voucher, after all. You can also write the conditions in front or at the back. Lastly, write the expiration date. Every coupon has its expiration date, and it is mostly 12 to 24 months. So don't forget the include it.

6. Finalize and Save

After making, finalize it. Make sure that everything is set. Then, you can save and print it.

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