How to Create a Voucher Book in Apple Pages

According to the US Coupon Market Trends, there were 307 billion coupons released in 2016, and there were only 2 billion coupons redeemed? This result shows how popular coupon books are for business. There are still billions of issued vouchers reclaimed and used by customers despite the number of production. Voucher books are also convenient for your clients to use when purchasing products from your stores. If you are a business owner opting to create voucher books for your customers, you should consider making it creatively and effectively. Check out these tips and steps below on how to create a useful voucher book.

1. Decide a Type of Voucher Book

Voucher books can come in different types. It can be in the form of birthday coupon books, Christmas discounts, food vouchers, gift certificates, holiday sales, etc. These vouchers also come as a printed one or as an e-voucher. Decide a type that suits your preferences to start plotting your voucher books.

2. Pick the Best Offer

Customers love discounts and sales. You need to include the best deals on your business vouchers that will surely perk your target audience's interest. Your offers could be discounts or freebies for your products and services. Knowing your target market can help you plan your voucher books. Every segment of your market has different interests, shopping patterns, and behaviors. Conduct proper research about them and gather enough information to apply the exclusive deals suitable for your target market.

3. Choose a Design

Vouchers should also look presentable and attractive. Using designs close to your marketing brands—like business logos, color schemes, or taglines—can help you boost your status in the market. That way, your audience can quickly determine your business among other companies in the industry.

Your voucher designs must be relevant to the type of voucher book you have decided earlier. For instance, you are doing a Christmas voucher. You must incorporate the layout with the theme you opt to portray—that means Christmas trees, green & red colors, and many more.

4. Finalize with a Voucher Template

If you are having a hard time coming up with vouchers from scratch, you can always find book voucher templates available online. These ready-made templates provide you the content and designs you need. You can easily customize the downloadable template using editing programs like Apple Pages for your convenience.

Once you have your editable template, you can add and replace the content to the details you have prepared. Make sure you place the value of each coupon on the voucher book, the name of the book owner, and the company name. Proofread the printable voucher before printing them on a high-quality paper. If you are going for an e-voucher, you can easily send it via email to the voucher book recipient.

5. Keep on Track

Just like other vouchers, you need to keep track of the number of redeems the book owner has. To avoid risks on your revenues, you need to set a limitation on your offered discounts and sales reflected on the discount voucher books. Make sure you list down the date and time of purchase, as well as the amount redeemed.

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