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What Is a Voucher Book?

A voucher book, or a coupon book, is a multipurpose marketing and sales document that promotes a business's or company's products and services through the use of discounts. Voucher books can be highly advantageous to start-up and small businesses since it helps them attract potential clients, endorse their products, increase their sales, and promote the company's name. A voucher does not limit itself to one specific area, it can be used for various types of businesses such as food product vouchers, resort vouchers, arcade gaming vouchers, bullet train vouchers, online clothing store vouchers, and the list goes on. Listed below are the easy steps on how to create a voucher book.

How to Make Voucher Books in PSD

1. Look Up Your Competitor's Promos

Whether you are a small or big business, you must be wary and mindful of your competitors. Creating a voucher book outline isn't just an easy job of artistically creating one, you must do research and look at the competitor's output. This will help you gain an advantage and leverage on how to give better promos. Do not merely look at one of your competitor's output, if possible research on all of them. You might come up with an even better deal than them on a certain product or service. One day, you might surpass them but do not let that stop you from continually researching and assessing your products with competitor's products.

2. Create a Design

A voucher book is different from a voucher in the sense that these coupon booklets are a collection of discount cards. Remind yourself that a voucher book must contain different discounts and each must have a different design. You can have up to three vouchers that are similar in the design, the discount information, or the product that is promoted in the three vouchers. Select colors that represent your business or the product being promoted. For example, you own a resort and you are going to promote your pool, buffet, and rooms. You must use colors that go well with those products like a bluish color palette for the discounted pool access voucher. Add a single picture to help enhance the appeal of each voucher and make it appealing.

3. Add the Discount Details

Your blank event voucher book will not be considered a promotional business document if it doesn't have the necessary details or discount information that makes it a voucher. You must add the product being promoted, the discount details, the discount instructions, and the expiration date. A voucher or coupon will not be used without these details. These details are the essences of vouchers and coupons alike.

4. Add Barcodes

The last thing, but certainly not the least, that you must add in the voucher book graphic template are the barcodes. Whether it be a physical voucher or an online voucher, you need to place a barcode. How else will the discount be utilized and acknowledged without this element? Barcodes are like gateways, they help you acquire the necessary discount, so never forget to place a barcode on each voucher.