What Is A Website Header?

A website header is an integral component of every website. It is located at the top of a website and showcases the business name, logo, slogan, main featured products, and general overview.

How To Create A Website Header?

The eCommerce industry has become an even more competitive field with countless firms and companies doing all they can to improve SEO rankings for their respective websites. So if your business is about to establish its own website, you should know that a website header is among the most effective components to increase the SEO ranking of your site. We in Template.net want to help you achieve that goal by sharing with you our short guide in creating a website header for your site.

1. Download A Website Header Template From Us

Creating a website header from scratch is doable but time-consuming and challenging. With that in mind, we advise you to take advantage of any of our Website Header Templates. Each template has its own unique and beautiful design that meets the standards of today's website quality. Plus all of them are already responsive should you publish them immediately. Within the shortest possible time, your website header is ready and functional with the help of these templates. You may also use our Blog Header Templates if your site focuses on informative articles and blog posts.

2. Emphasize Your Branding

Remember that websites in the eCommerce industry are a form of digital advertising material. And when it comes to advertising, establishing your branding is essential, and those are your business name and logo. Hence, you must emphasize the two of them in your website header. Just replace the sample branding of your chosen template with your own. They should be located in the upper part of the header.

3. Add Your Slogan

Just like a banner, flyer, and brochure, your website header must also showcase your business's slogan. Slogans are effective in capturing the attention of your target market; or in this case, your website visitors. Your slogan doesn't have to be lengthy and wordy. It only needs to be professional, catchy and inviting.

4. Write A Short Intro

Your website header must also have a short intro about your company to let your website visitors get to know it more. It's best that the intro should have one paragraph with two to three sentences only. You can talk about its origin, inspiration, mission, vision, and other long-term goals.

5. Set A Quality Background Image

Some of our Website Header Templates have background colors such as blue and red, and some have sample images. You may make use of them if they're already according to your preference and business identity. If not, we strongly advise you to set a quality image as its background. For example, if your business are fashion clothing lines, the best background image would a gorgeous model wearing one of your best items. If your business is a real estate agency, images of your best properties-for-sale should be your number one option as background.

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