Effective web design involves a good bit of planning and teamwork. Fortunately, we offer a variety of easily editable Website Mind Map Templates to help with your brainstorming! And for your convenience, our professional samples come in a wide array of file formats—including PDF and MAC. So, download now to design a website for art, commerce, social media, and more!

How to Make a Website Mind Map

From online shops to charity projects, there are plenty of different uses for websites. And when putting one together, using a mind map helps visualize your ideas and solutions. As explained in an article from Medium (a resource for writing and creativity), a mind map is a simple diagram used for creating new concepts stemming from a central topic.

Are you planning on making a mind map to help your design team? Then consider reading our tips (below) on how to make and use one effectively!

1. Consider Your Website Mind Map’s Main Topic

Before creating a website mind map, you need the main topic or question that all your new ideas will sprout from. For example, you can use a mind map to work on a website’s visual element, like its interactive design. Another instance is focusing on the site’s user experience to fit its purposes, such as business or education.

2. Start Building Your Website Mind Map

Now that you have the main idea to work with, open a new document in your software and add the idea to the center or one of the far-end sides. To do so, insert a bubble or other basic shape and then label it with an appropriate name.

3. Expand Your Website Mind Map to Find the Information You Need

Once you come up with any new keywords from the central topic, add a smaller shape for each one and place them around the original bubble. Besides all the different shapes in your mind map, you also need lines that connect them in a hierarchy. For the first batch of ideas, add a line that links each one to the first shape.

4. Keep Building up Your Website Mind Map

After the initial layer of ideas, come up with newer ones from them. And from those, create even more and so on! Continue adding lines and shapes to accommodate the growing content, forming a branching layout of categorized concepts.

With the information you discover from your mind-mapping, you’ll have the plans or solutions needed for developing your website! Finally, if you need 100% customizable content for your diagram creation, then feel free to use our Website Mind Map Templates.

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