What Is A Website Template?

A website template is used in building up a website. It is a premade webpage or set of webpages that can be modified with images, videos, and other style components to craft a full website. Having a ready to use website template will save great amoung of time, energy, and effort compare to making you website template from blank slate. Also, having a website template won't require you to have an in deep knowledge about HTML and CSS in making your website.

How to Make A Website Using A Template?

Designing your website is greatly convenient when you use a template and a popular web template system. Since you will be using a template in building your website, you would not have to learn the technical aspects of the design because most of the setup is simply automated. Plus having a template will allow you to customize your website according to your liking without having to write a single code. Nowadays, there so many tools that will you to make a good website design, though not a popular tool for web developers, you still can use MS Publisher to from a website in just a few steps. Here's an enumrated steps to guide you make a website using an MS Publisher template.

1. Launch MS Publisher

Before starting, make sure that you have installed MS Publisher in your desktop. Since you are using Publisher click and launch the application so you will be ready in making your website. You don't have to learn an in deep course about the technical side of creating a website because with the help of Publisher it is easier to pull a simple yet functional webpages. By this time, click on any template available in Publisher or download a website template online that you can use.

2. Working on your Template

Remember to select a template that is close to your heart. The point in choosing a template that's relevant to the website that you are working on is that it will complement the content in your webpages. Your obejctive is to create a good website, and the way to that is to invest your effort in making your website.

3. Work On the Details

Once you have a template that you can work on, your next move is to fill in your website. Click the "Home" tab on the MS Publisher toolbar and click any of the icons on the "Objects" section to make elements for your website. For example, click "Picture" button if you wish to include an image. If you wish to inlcude more elements, click "Insert" to reveal more things that you can add to your page. When you are done with all of the elements, you can drag to reposition them so you can form the layout for your website.

4. Save your Work

If you are done and suffice all the details for your website click "File" menu on the upper left of MS Publisher and select the "Save As" item. Select a location you wish to save the webpage.

5. Export to HTML

Finally, it is important to export your page to HTML format so that the Web browsers can ead it.

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