What is a Blog Header?

A blog header is a graphic placed at the topmost part that people eventually see if they visit a blog site. It is usually designed to fit the content, the overall theme or type of blog the website contains such as lifestyle blog, travel blog, yoga blog, beauty blog, fashion blog, and more. This infographic is one of the bases of the readers, aside from the content, if the blog site is worth their time.

How to Create Blog Header Templates?

Based on a study, there is a 43% of people who consumed the content of a blog post thoroughly while 29% said that they only skimmed through it. That said, to make the 29 percent more engaged to your blog, you should present them with a well-crafted header design. Here are tips on how:

1. Target-setting

Ask yourself some questions. What do you want to achieve? What kind of readers do you want to gain? What is the content of your blog? — These are some of the said questions. You should know by now your aspirations as a writer or creator — regardless of the blog if it is personal or you are working under a company. It is because knowing your targets gives you a sense of direction that will make your task easier. For example, your blog content is all about the girly type of fashion. Then, you should expect that most of your readers are stylish teenage girls. Make a plan so you will know how to create a header that will hit two birds — the taste of your audience and your content — with one stone.

2. Template Selection

There is no need to look for header design models from the web because we got the formal document that you need on our site. Browse for the template that will satisfy your needs and click download to begin designing. Use editing software that is convenient for you. Adobe Photoshop, for example. Open a new file to get started.

3. Design

You have the freedom to incorporate elements and enjoy the process of designing. Be creative but do not forget your purpose. If you are a writer and a wedding event planner at the same time or working in a company that centralizes on wedding events, your header can be floral, minimalist, or classy. For the color, you are not limited to white because not all weddings use white for their motifs. You may pick pastel colors or elegant colors like gold and silver. You can insert fancy images or cliparts that is connected to your content.

4. Own It

Blog headers do not contain much rather than catchy headlines and brief descriptions. That said, avail oneself of the opportunity to brand your document. With a well-designed header, you can create good impressions to people so you might as well take this shot for branding. If you own the site, you can put your name, email, social media accounts, and logo — if you have. On the other hand, if it is a company blog, you should write the logo, name, slogan, address, and contact information of the company.

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