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How to Create a Website in Pages

Despite the advent of social media, the number of small businesses establishing a website is unexpectedly low. In fact, a survey in 2018 reveals that there are nearly 40% of small businesses do not have a website and not all of these businesses plan to create one in the future. But if you want to take on a new level in promoting your products and services, building a business website is a great alternative. No matter how small or large your business may be, having a website is crucial when it comes to modern-day marketing and exposure or known as e-commerce.

Establishing your business website can be a daunting task, but there are ways available to have a smooth-sailing process. This brief article will walk you through creating a winning website. Just chill while reading the tips provided below.

1. Have a Clear Objective of Creating a Website

Before getting started with the actual process of creating your website, make sure that you have already set a clear goal. Do you want to create a website to introduce and promote a business— be it a school, restaurant, boutique, pet shop, photography, and the like? Once decided, make a draft; organize and classify your page/pages. Name your categories logically and utilize basic terms. Take note, visitors do not want to guess where to go and they do not have the patience to initiate on a scavenger hunt for facts. Thus, be specific in your website header!

2. Make it Customer-Centric

In creating the content and web design, tailor it to the audience as if you are speaking to them. Always use the second person— “you” and “we.” An informal and welcoming tone is better than stiff, corporate-speak. If you forget them, your website won't be reliable and efficient. Take note; it's not all about you! Successful and responsive websites are customer-centric. They serve to give the information readers need. To achieve that, present it in an organized, engaging, and simple layout. Make it easy for readers to take whatever action they have in mind, whether it’s to buy a product, subscribe to a page, or contact you for more details.

3. Build Relevant Landing Pages for Specific Topics

A more specific approach is to build relevant landing pages that showcase categorized subjects. For instance, if a visitor is searching for a product's information and steps on how to create a professional flyer template. Ensure that he or she will land on a specified page that is designed for that matter. According to research, landing pages convert at a higher rate than do home pages.

4. Execute SEO Best Practices

Landing in the first and top pages of the major search engines is impossible without search engine optimization. Contents will not be read if it is not appropriately optimized for search. Thus, your content writers must understand the use and importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to gain attention in search engines' results pages. Vital elements you can use on your website include targeted keywords injected into your articles, product titles, product descriptions, and text links. It will generate and increase your website's traffic. These keywords will assist the readers in finding your site more easily in search results and maintain a flow of traffic coming to your site daily.

5. Download a Website Template

Starting up a website can be tedious. Opt to download a suitable website template online. To save your time looking for another, stay on this page and check out the available templates. Download, open, and customize it using Apple Pages!

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