Wedding Contracts Templates

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How to Create a Comprehensive Wedding Contract?

wedding contract template

A Wedding Contract is a contract between you and your wedding services providers such as wedding photographers videographers, decorators, makeup artists, hairstylists, and musicians. This might also refer to a wedding contract for photographers, event contracts, entertainment contracts, and marriage contracts. The contract not only benefits you but the receiving party as well because they will be assured of monetary payment. 

Not everyone can compose a comprehensive wedding proposal that's why particular wedding contracts are available online. A wedding is a once in a lifetime event and it should be celebrated the way it should. For this special day, some might get to the point where they exhaust all their financial resources. To make sure you get the services for your just compensation, you will need a wedding contract to help you get secured.

With everything provided to us conveniently, studies show that there has been an increase in event planning using mobile phones. This is actually beneficial to couples who are trying so hard to save time. Contact numbers of wedding services providers are all over the internet and all it takes is one simple message or call. 

1. Decide On Your Preferences On Your Wedding Day

Before creating your sample contract, think of the things that you want and don't want on your wedding day. You can write these down on a piece of paper before finalizing them and putting them in the final contract. Take all the time you need because ideas do not come in a single day.  

2. Have It Written

After you have decided on your preferences, you can now incorporate them into the event contract. Be as specific as possible to avoid confusion on the receiving party's end. Verbal agreements are valid as well but you'll be needing proof of your prior agreement.  

3. Discuss the Payment

Next, discuss the mode of payment. Will it be in cash? in check? or through a debit/credit card? Will it be paid before or after the wedding? Indicate it here explicitly. Also, you can coordinate with the receiving party to discuss the inclusions of the financial payment. 

4. Indicate the Repercussions In Case of Breach of Contract

This will serve as your protection in case the service contract is breached. By citing this in detail, it will prevent the receiving party from behaving inappropriately. You can state that they may face litigation and be asked to pay for the damages.   

5. Proofread Your Contract

After all the necessary information has been incorporated into the simple contract, proofread it in case of lacking info, typos, and etc. After creating your legal contract, you can leave it overnight then spend the next day proofreading it because then, you'll have a clearer understanding of the contract. You can ask another person to read it because they might notice mistakes that you can't. 

6. Provide a Copy for the Receiving Party

Once you have crafted and finalized your business contract and signed it together with the receiving party, provide a copy to them as well. This is somehow for transparency. If you are the only one who has a copy of the contract, then it might seem unfair to the other party. It might cause them to think that you are possibly altering its contents. For fairness on their end, extend courtesy to them.