What Is A Wedding Invitation?

Have you experienced hearing someone knock on your door and see someone handing out a wedding invitation card — it could be the bride or the groom-to-be? Well, you'll see an envelope with the wedding brochure, list of special attendees, reception, etc. These are all parts of the wedding invitation suite. A wedding invitation comes with a brochure or an invitation card that provides wedding details (ceremony, venue, reception, participants, etc.). Wedding invitations usually have elegant floral designs to make it beautiful. They typically incorporate gold and rose golds color combinations as a design for the background. Since you also invite sponsors, wedding invitations actually help in cutting your wedding costs so that there will be no need to sacrifice style.

How To Create A Wedding Invitation?

Since a wedding invitation aims to inform people about the best time of your life, then it's important to make it beautiful. Here are a few tips for you to learn how to create a beautiful wedding invitation.

1. Determine Your Attendees

Before you create a wedding invitation, it's best if you make a guest list first so that you will determine how many wedding invitation suites or cards will you distribute. It would be better though if you focus on your sponsors since they are the "nigh in shining armor" of your wedding budget. Also, take a list of all the members in the household or family whom you will invite. This way, you're ensured to make the right estimations which especially helpful in the reception.

2. Write All The Information

As soon as you're done creating a guest list, it's time to determine the writing style of your formal invitation. You may use formal or informal wording. You may do so by beginning with your names as the couple then your sincerest invitation statements. When stating your names, it's still best to use your full names and be courteous even if you choose the informal tone. Then, feel free to include directions on the wedding invitation especially when the location is unknown to most of the guests.

3. Browse For Templates

If you run out of ideas or almost none at all because you're overwhelmed and excited, then it would be fine to browse for wedding invitation templates or sample invitations. This way, you're freeing your self from stress and lets you just focus on the excitement for your wedding day after a short period of time. Also, you won't need to hire graphic designers anymore; which, will help you cut your costs effectively.

4. Create A Beautiful Wedding Invitation

Now is the time you will create the creative invitation for your most awaited day. As you picked a template, it's time for you to customize it. Feel free to change the background. You may put some color elements that have royal blue or rose gold theme. Then look for graphic designs to paste on your wedding invitation like a photo or animation of wedding shoes, wedding cakes, etc. Then, make sure to include the wedding address which provides the attendees' full names.

5. Don't Forget The RVSP

Lastly, don't forget to include the RVSP part. But, what is RVSP? Well, RVSP comes from the French expression "répondez s'il vous plaît", meaning "please respond." This means that when the recipient reads this part of the simple invitation, then he/she is (actually) ought to respond about his/her plans on the upcoming event.

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