How to Create Wedding Invitation Card Templates in Apple Pages

Weddings might be one of the most awaited days in our entire life, but we can't deny the fact that it is also the busiest celebration we can encounter. In case you're having a hard time making an invitation card for your wedding, you can always refer to the steps we have below. We simplified these steps for you so that you can devote more time to the other wedding preparations. Check this out!

1. Select a Theme

When creating a wedding invitation, the first thing to do is to figure out the official wedding motif or theme. It is up to the couples to decide whether what theme they would like to choose depending on their interests. But there are also times that a couple would like to consult or ask for a piece of advice from their official wedding planner. So, once you have decided, make sure that the theme you've chosen will reflect on the background or the theme of your wedding invitation card.

2. Create a Guest List

Now that you've figured out the official wedding theme, it is now the perfect time to create your wedding guest list. By creating a guest list beforehand, it'll help you identify how many invitation copies you will soon produce. Apart from that, this will also be a great help to determine how many guests will attend your wedding, plus you can also estimate the budget for the food, tables, and others.

3. Prepare the Information

Next is to prepare the necessary information that you would like to state in your invitation card. Typically, a modern invitation card is consists of the date, time, and location of your wedding and the wedding reception. But if you wish to add more details, then you may add taglines or catchy phrases for you to convince your guest to come to your event. Possible slogans can be, "You are cordially invited...", "We invite you to witness the celebration of the love of..." and others.

4. Choose a Card Size

There are various printable invitation sizes, and it is up to you to choose what specific card size and card layout that you would like to use. If your goal is to achieve a formal wedding, you must adhere to compact, single-column text and layout designs. Meanwhile, if you wish to make your wedding a little bit playful, then you may use creative and unique wedding designs.

5. Use the Advance Printing Methods

It's time to print out the fall wedding invitation template you've made after finalizing everything on your wedding invitation card. If you're looking for the best result, you may research the printing shops in your city that offer the most advanced printing methods. For example, you may use the very popular laser-printing type if you don't want to make your card horrendous to look at.

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