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How to Craft a Wedding Invitation Card in MS Word

A wedding is a special ceremony where a man and woman commit to each other, become united, and take the sacrament of marriage. In norms, a bride typically has to wear a long white gown during weddings to uphold one's purity. But if we go back in history, it is believed that Western brides don't usually wear white dresses during weddings; instead, they wore a long yellow veil as a resemblance of torches, which signifies "to bring light and warmth" to their new husbands.

In connection with this, there were practices before that were changed as time went by. However, the practice of inviting guests into weddings didn't go out of trend. Guests serve as witnesses for the love that both lovers share. Moreover, the presence of event invitation cards is truly important to inform your guests about the upcoming ceremony. No need to worry, for we have provided you ready-made templates for you to get started with the use of MS Word.

1. Understand Your Theme

Special events like weddings require well-planned preparation. So, in making your invitation card, you must first consider the theme that you will be having for the said event. It could be a beach wedding, a church wedding, a rustic one, or probably a garden wedding; the decision is up to you. You must also align the invitation card’s theme to the wedding's motif. This will help your guests avoid any confusion. Sometimes, the card's theme will become the basis of the guests to pick the appropriate outfit to wear on the said occasion.

2. Plan Your Content

To have a perfect event, one requires to be creative and systematic. Your invitation card must feature the event's relevant content. These include the date, time, location, and etc. An invitation card doesn't need to be wordy; it just has to suffice the guests with the right information to direct them on the things they must do.

3. Choose a Template

Upon finishing the planning of your content, you can now proceed into picking an invitation card that will best suit your wedding theme. In deciding on what template to use, consider the things like background, design, font, and colors used. Overall, the template's appearance will reflect the kind of wedding you will have. It must have proper blending, a contrast of images and backgrounds, and most important—emphasis.

4. Personalize Your Template

You can put a little touch of your creativity in your template design. You can edit and personalize the template in MS Word. And you can tweak the template the way you want. The use of a ready-made template is going to give you great convenience. Also, the feeling of fulfillment in customizing an invitation card is going to be so special because you’re giving it personal touches.

5. Print and Distribute

Don’t rush! Take a break and check first your draft. Review if you have misspelled or mistyped words. Check if there is any missing information on the card. If everything is good to go, then you can now start printing your simple cards. Be mindful of the kind of paper that you will be using, for it will affect the quality of your expected outcome. Nonetheless, you can start disseminating the cards to your beloved guests.

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