How to Make a Wedding Magazine Ad in PSD

People nowadays seem hesitant to invest more in weddings, and others settle on having a simple ceremony than lavish their guests with luxury. Still, that does not stop them from looking for the best stuff that would make their wedding more memorable. This is why the wedding business industry is still standing tall, despite the percentage of marriage rates being low.

If you want to sell your services and offer nuptials what might be the possibility of becoming the best wedding of the century, you need to create a fantastic ad that promises just that. Here are some tips to get you started.

1. Know Your Purpose and Understand Your Audience

Many business people utilize the power of great advertisement to catch the attention of an audience, which they hope would turn into clients. So, before you go deeper into the design and before you lose more time getting lost in your gazillion ideas, ask yourself first, "To whom will I sell my wedding services or products?". If you know the answer to this question, most probably, you have figured out your type of market audience. Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime events, and people are going out of their way to celebrate theirs using the best services of wedding planners. Others run around boutiques to find the best deals and reading lots of books about wedding collections to make their dream wedding a reality.

So, what kind of business do you do and what can you offer your audience? With an understanding of the wedding market, you can create an ad that may be the answer to someone's needs. May it be a grand sale, a wedding venue or destination package, a jewellery promo, or a bridal fair, providing a purpose for your audience will make them come to you and engage your offer.

2. Decide on a Theme

When you have a purpose, and already know what type of market you are targeting, then it is easier for you to select a theme. When we say theme, we are talking about colors and designs in general. If you don't have a theme yet, you can start making a planning board to help you organize your ideas into fruition. Collect photos of different wedding themes that have happened throughout the decade and choose one that suits your ad campaign's purpose. Also, if you want to incorporate symbolism, then it is best to select colors and decorations that are synonymous with the message you want to relay.

For example, you choose to post an ad about a classic wedding. To make it relatable to your theme, you can use neutral to warm colors to emphasize its essence. Do not deviate from your theme when choosing designs as well. Be consistent when harmonizing elements for your theme. With this step, you can now smoothly go about how to work on a concept.

3. Choose the Best Layout and Photo

When advertising in magazines, you have to know how big you want your ad to look. If you are confident that a page is enough, you can decide whether you want the photo to take full-page or half-page. But, if you think that utilizing two pages could highlight the ad better, then do so. If you have a photographer working with you, you may ask them for a top-quality copy of the photo you are going to use. There is a high possibility that your picture would get ruin in case you need to stretch your photo to fill the entire layout. Also, it pays to know the benefits of using grids. Gridding your layout would ensure that your contents, photos, and other elements will not clash with one another.

4. Highlight Important Content

When writing the content of your ad, highlight only the essential parts. Are you a wedding planner? Then, highlight the services you offer by writing it in a readable size, not bigger than "14. Having a discount sale for your bridal gowns? Write the amount in the center in bold. Understanding how to use your content to catch attention will surely get you an audience and a client at the same time.

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