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How to Make a Weekly Meeting Minutes in Google Docs

Participating in a meeting could be tiring and boring. According to a survey initiated by Harvard Business Review, 71% of 182 senior managers said that meetings are unproductive and inefficient. Nevertheless, meetings are important, especially in solving a problem or issue, strategizing, discussion of new business, and strengthening the employer-employee relationship. Scheduled meetings (monthly, weekly, etc..) as part of their work routine enables them to hear updates on their progress. To keep track of the previous meetings, you must have a sample meeting minutes. If you want to make one, follow the tips listed below. 

1.State the Details of the Meeting

In making your meeting minutes, you need to state the details, the purpose of the meeting, the time and date, and the venue of the meeting. The agenda should also be visible for it is the guide for the meeting. Additionally, write the name of the presider of the meeting. 

2. Affix an Attendance Sheet

The meeting would not commence if it is no quorum, or there are no attendees. In your document, you need to attach the list of the participants for the meeting. To make it cleaner and organized, you make a table for the attendance. You can write only their names, or you can include the time they arrived, their position, and their signature. It is really up to you. The attendance will keep track of the regular attendees and the people who are absent during that session. 

3. Transcribe the Discussed Matters

This part is the meat and the primary purpose of the meeting minutes. It is where the writer transcribes the discussed matters, concerns, issues raised, and the proposed action. However, in writing the notes, you don't have to jot it down word for word. You only need to take down the essential details. The staff, or usually the secretary, will do this job.

4. Conclude the Meeting

Once the meeting finishes, write the name of the person who adjourned the meeting and seconded the motion. Indicate the time when the meeting concludes. It is also important to mention the details of the next meeting. A follow-up meeting is necessary to tackle new and unfinished business from the previous sessions. At the bottom part of the document, also write the name of the one doing the meeting minutes.

5. Include Documentation

Include pictures on your report for documentation purposes, and as proof of a meeting. You can also add a photograph of the notes written on the flipchart or whiteboard. 

6. Secure a Copy 

Before handing out the finished document, the board or the presider of the meeting must approve it. Doing your meeting minutes in Google Docs will help you to share your work with the attendees of the meeting in an easier way. What you have to do is to click the share button and add the e-mail address. And since meetings can happen anytime, it is better to secure a copy of blank meeting minutes so that it is convenient for you at the next meeting.