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How To Create Wordpress Theme and Template?

With the availability of the website generator and software, nowadays, setting up a website is as easy as a walk in the park. However, with the estimated 1.94 billion active websites in the world, keeping up with the pace in the site competition is a hard task; especially in website ranking and search engine optimization (SEO).

On gathered statistics, there are roughly 38% of people tend to stop engaging with a website if the content or layout is unattractive. This fact alone would prove that ensuring the website's aesthetic layout presentation is one of the essential aspects that one must have to consider.

We want to extend our utmost help in achieving your desired website marketing goal by sharing with you our gathered guidelines below.

1. Make Use Of WordPress Application

With the multiple running sites around the World Wide Web, 34% of these sites are powered by the WordPress application. This fact alone is enough to believe, WordPress application can create a great website layout startup. By far, WordPress is the most popular website open-source software in the market today. This software allows you as a web developer to design and develop flexible site layout and applications.

2. Identify The Possible Design Motif

Whether your websites are for a personal blog, shop, travel agency, or law firm, you need to set a design motif for your overall website actualization. Start it by identifying your preferred brand style. List down the possible elements that you want to inject into your website design, such as the color scheme and typography.

3. Formulate A Website Content

You have to remember that when you are running a website, you need to have content that would support the relevance of the site. Upon writing your web content, it is highly recommended that you would construct an article that would highlight the nature of your site. To give an instance, if you opt to market a product or services, make sure that you provide an article that would highlight your nature as a business or as a site. Also, considering the fact of site optimization, you have to keep in mind that quality content is the number one driver of your search engine rankings.

4. Choose A Pre-Programmed Template

Without a doubt, engaging yourself from website header conceptualization down to web design could be a hard task for you. As an aid for this circumstance, you can choose to utilize ready-made website templates that are also available above this article. Feel free to browse our template files that you can widely customize with the use of WordPress application.

5. Maximize The Engagement

Don't settle for less. In digital marketing, social media sites can also help you in maximizing your website's boost. With this, you can also include all of your website's social media links and accounts in your content.

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