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How to Create Work from Home Tools in Google Slides

In an article published on Forbes, an April 2020 survey involving 25,000 US employees showed that 34% of them have adapted to the work from home setting. Because of this, office tools and reports have been digitized. We have tips laid out below if you need help in creating a presentation in Google Slides.

1. Decide on What Tool to Create

Before you even start writing something or launching Google Slides, have you decided on what to create? Work from home tools can either be a project report, a presentation, or any informative slideshow. What tool are you planning to make in Google Slides and what is it for? Those are two questions that you should answer before proceeding to the next phases.

2. Identify the Target Readers, Recipients, or Audience

After visualizing what you intend to accomplish in Google Slides, you now have to start identifying who it’s for. Is it for employees? For people who lost their jobs? Or for the general public? Otherwise known as the target audience, it’s important to know who they are so you can tailor your presentation according to their preferences.

3. Prepare All the Necessary Content

Make it a habit to prepare your content before adding them to your project. Think of it as any other type of project, in which you’re more efficient if all the necessary materials are already within reach. For your work from home tools, focus on preparing the details that you want to convey to the readers.

4. Open Google Slides to Start Working on the Tool

Google Slides is just like Powerpoint, but web and cloud-based. This modern software app will allow you to make creative slideshows and animations straight from your internet browser. Start a blank canvas and start formatting the layout of your presentation.

5. Assemble the Elements and Arrange the Slides

Once everything is in place, start adding in the content of your project. Add colors and a background image on each slide to really bring attention to it. If you want, you can even set a theme that corresponds to its purpose. And lastly, make sure the slides are arranged in the order that’s appropriate.


  • What are some common struggles that people face when working from home?

      1. Keeping themselves focused and motivated.
      2. Lots of distractions.
      3. Unreliable internet connection.
  • What are some tips or advice for employees who are working remotely?

      1. Work with what’s available.
      2. Despite trying to be productive, also focus on your own health.
      3. Don’t hesitate to voice out problems or concerns that are work-related.
  • How can businesses benefit from employees who are working from home?

      According to Kate Lister, businesses are able to save around $30 billion daily by allowing their employees to work from home. This is due to their continued productivity that could have been lost if working from home was not an option.

  • What is Google Slides for?

      Google Slides is a web-based presentation application that enables you to present data through slides. Just like other presentation apps like Powerpoint and Keynote, Slides allow you to format text and render graphics.

  • What are the advantages of using Google Slides?

      1. It is very easy to use.
      2. It doesn’t need to be installed.
      3. Files are saved on the internet for easy access anytime and anywhere.
      4. Files can easily be shared for collaborating with others.
      5. It is highly compatible with other presentation apps.